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Marketing Representative

When you join, we provide all the Training the and Support Services you need. If you are interested in starting your own marketing business, we help you get started.

As a Local Marketing Representative, you visit local businesses of every type and offer our powerful full-page advertising services.

On your first visit to a business, you offer a 6-month full-page advertisement totally free, just to get acquainted with you and our advertising services.

You can also offer your own Social Media Promotional Services to the businesses. We help you get organized so you can earn substantial additional income.

Work your own hours and days from home, part time or full time.

Part time, you can earn $25,000 to over $50,000 per year as a Local Marketing Rep.

Plus, you can earn $100,000 to over $200,000 per year by also becoming a Social Media Marketing Team Manager.

There is no cost to you.


How to get started

Just fill out the form on this page. We will send you more information and phone you to answer all your questions and help you get started.

Next, we start your Training, provided via email, video, websites, and teleconference. You train at your own pace, which is usually completed within a week. Of course there is follow-on Training so you can expand and provide more services.

You receive Website, Marketing Material, Training, and ongoing Support Services.

You visit local businesses and offer an introductory full-page custom advertisement for their business which is published and promoted on one of our websites.

This enables you to quickly get acquainted - and shows the customer how easy it is for them to advertise their business on the Internet.

Our Buzz Marketing System enables you to easily obtain leads and new customers.

We encourage you to also become a Social Media Marketing Team Manager which can be done at home or office, any time you want.

This will provide substantial additional income for you.

These are permanent positions, part time or full time.

Our Internet Advertising Service - The Standard Order for our Advertising Service includes 4 - 6 separate full page Premium Advertisements and Premium SEO.

Your Social Media Promotional Services - You decide what this includes and the rates that you charge.

You offer this to the same businesses and customers that you visit for offering the Advertising Service.

We help you develop and organize your Social Media Services that you would offer to the businesses.


a) Our Advertising Services are annual subscription based and renewed yearly. Most customers renew every year. This automatically grows your annual income.

b) CityNation-Advertising will continue to add more items that you offer to the local businesses.

These will include items which you do the actual work for the customer  - and other items which CityNation will perform the work for the customer.

c) We continue to provide Training on everything related to Marketing and Promoting Advertising and Social Media Services to local businesses.

Your Future and Lifestyle

a) You can work any days and hours you want.

b) You can keep your Day Job while growing this extra income.

c) This will enable you to pay off all your bills and loans.

d) Your family can participate and help you.

e) You will make many friends who are business owners or managers.

f) This is a permanent position and can last you a lifetime.

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