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Recruiter and Manager
National Marketing & Sales Team

(Social Media Marketing)

Start Earning
$50,000 - $200,000/year
Working at home

Recruiter-Manager of National Marketing & Sales Team

--- You recruit Members for a National Marketing & Sales Team.

--- You manage the National Marketing & Sales Team.

--- You can include selling your own Social Media Services or other products.



--- Use your computer for recruiting and to supervise your Marketing Team Members..

--- Work part time or full tine.

--- Work at home, your own desired days and hours.

--- You can Keep Your Day Job - while you build your National Marketing & Sales Team.

--- We provide website, training, marketing tools, and ongoing support services.

--- We furnish instructions for recruiting using  Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and more.

--- This is a permanent part-time or full-time position.

--- Your Marketing Team earns you money from the sales of our Advertising Service.

You Receive Income from the following:
--- From sales of Advertising by the members on your Marketing Team.
--- You can recruit as many members on your Marketing Team as you want.
--- Just 10 Active members on your Marketing Team can earn you over $50,000/year.
--- You also receive Profit Sharing.
--- Compensation: Commission only plus Profit Sharing.
There is no cost to you.

Your Future with CityNation-Advertising
--- You can continue to build your Marketing Team and earn as much money as you want

--- You can join our Executive Training Program which prepares you to be a Managing Executives.


--- Must be good at Social Media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

--- A large following on Social Media is a big plus.

--- And, if you are a Blogger that is a big plus.

This job is Great for:

--- Stay at home Moms.

--- Want good steady extra income

--- Pay off Student Loans.

--- Retired person.

How to get started

--- Just Click on the "Join Now" graphic below.s

--- We will contact you to explain everything and help you get started.

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