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CityNation has created, published, and sold advertising in our own publications, franchised our publications, and created specialized publications for over 30 years.

We offer the following opportunities:
--- Recruiter & Manager of National Marketing & Sales Team
--- Local Sales Representative
--- Home Based Marketing & Sales Business Opportunity, Totally Free.

--- We help you also sell your own Social Media Services, locally and nation-wide.

The Local Marketing Representative's job and the Home-Based Marketing Business enable you to offer Internet Advertising Services to every type of Local Business.

You visit local businesses and offer Free Introductory Advertising as well as paid advertising and your social media promotions.

Plus, we help you build a National Marketing Team which will earn you a substantial additional income. Plus, you also receive additional income from our Revenue Sharing Program.

You can also sell your own Products and Services to the local businesses using our powerful BUZZ Marketing System.

You can join our Executive Training Program - and become eligible to head a large Group or Division as we expand.

You can join our Advanced Product Development Team - and Be on the leading edge of Advertising and Social Media Marketing and Sales products.

Everything is furnished to you Totally Free.

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