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Advanced Product Development Team

When you join CityNation, you become a Member of our Advanced Product Development Team, in addition to your regular job.

Our Advanced Product Development Team helps you learn more, sell more, manage better, and helps you provide much better customer service. This especially includes development of new marketing methods.

The basic purpose of our Development Team is to help each Member improve every aspect of their work. And, to continuously develop new and improved marketing methods.

The more you participate in the Team, the better you will become at improving your sales and managing all of the other aspects of your job.

14 Steps to Executive Management Training
and your Job Success.

You collaborate with all the other Team Members from all over the country using voice and video software over the Internet.

So, if you are a leader and want to build a large National Team of Sales Reps and Recruiters that will make you a good 6-figure income, you need to join CityNation today - and be on the leading edge of developing new methods and technique for selling advertising and social media services to local businesses..

We provide everything you need. Including, the tools, marketing capability, help, and the platform Totally Free.

Our Advanced Product Development Team system is a variation of the SCRUM Project Management System, which is now being used by many major corporations which are achieving amazing results.

You will also become an Expert and Professional at the SCRUM Team Management. This is a new high-paying Professional Skill which is in demand throughout the country.

As a Member of this elite Development Team, you will be pushing the envelope on every aspect of products, services, marketing, and selling of advertising, social media service, and promotional services for every type of local business.

Your Future. This Development Team Membership will lead you to an Executive Management position on our Executive Team that runs the company.

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