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This is How You Can Earn
Over $200,000/Year

Affiliates Wanted to promote our Videos and recruit the following:

1) Additional Affiliates. You can recruit as many Affiliates as you want.


Free Home Based Advertising Business Opportunity.
The individuals must live in the USA. Click Here to see details.

Earn over $4,000/Month. Your income from recruiting both Affiliates and the Home Business can grow to over $4,000 per month. 

This is home based. You work your own desired hours.

CityNation provides
the Instructions, Training,
Videos and Website.

What you Promote. You use the Affiliate Video to obtain Affiliates. You use the Business Opportunity Video to obtain individuals who want to obtain the FREE Home-Based Advertising Business Opportunity.

You can Promote these Videos using any method you want, including Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Web Master, your Website, Social Media sites,

churches, and companies.

And also,

Student Business Organization, Job Sites, community organizer sites, charity sites, directories, and video sharing sites to name a few.

How you earn money. From the Home Business operators and the Affiliates that you recruit, you receive a share of the revenue which the Home Business Operators produce from their Advertising Sales - during an entire year.

Example: When a Home Business operator obtains just one sale per week, you earn $5,000 during the year. The more Home Business operators you and your Affiliates recruit, the more money you can earn.

Affiliates can live in any country. But, their promotions must be targeted at and appear in USA websites.

You Can Obtain This
FREE Home Business Opportunity

Click Here for Details.

CityNation Publishing is the only company in the USA that provides a Free Version of a real Franchise Business Opportunity.


ur Free Version is almost exactly the same as our $20,000 Franchise.

And, o

ur Free Version of the Home Based Advertising Business is easy to operate and can earn you over $200,000 per year.

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Work From Home Opportunities
(For Entry Level to Professionals)
Sales Representative Work From Home
Advertising Business Opportunity

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   You must be over 18 and
   You MUST live in the USA.
   (Currently NOT Available in other countries)

Please furnish your Resume in Box below.
 And, specify the opportunity you want.



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