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Entry Level Outside Sales Representative B2B $200,000 Year
Work From Home

This is another
Entry Level Home Based Business Opportunity
by CityNation

This is How You Can Earn
Over $200,000/Year

This is a very high paying Home Based Advertising Sales Representative Job. We help you start your own Sales Team which provides substantial additional income for you. Plus, we also help you obtain Recruiters that will get the Salespeople for your Sales Team. Most important, we pay both your Recruiters and the Salespersons on your Sales Team. You do not pay them. In addition, if you know Social Media, you can earn additional income.

If you want a high income career job, this is the place for you.

When you become an Outside Advertising Sales Representative for CityNation, you not only make a high income from your own sales of advertising, but you can also earn much more money automatically from your Sales Team and from your Social Media Services which you can provide.

This is your opportunity to decide how much money you want to earn. And, you can make it happen. The more you learn about this Home Based Advertising Sales Representative job, the better it gets.

The basic Home Based Advertising Sales Representative Job can earn you over $80,000 per year. Your Sales Team can earn you over an additional $100,000 per year. Your Social Media capability can also earn you over an additional $40,000 per year.

This brings your total income to over $200,000 per year. Plus, the Advertising is subscription based, with automatic renewals every year. So your income will increase every year.

This is absolutely the best home based Sales Representative job you will ever find.

CityNation has been in the publishing and advertising business for over 30 years. Initially, we purchased a printing company and changed it into a publishing business. We sold advertising in our own local publications. Our next venture involved franchising our publications in 24 of the South-Eastern States.

Currently, we developed an online publishing business which provides special advertising and promotional services to local businesses throughout the country. This is what you can become part of and work from home, work your own hours, and earn an exceptional income.

CityNation Publishing offers you an alternative to Corporate America. We empower you to achieve a lifestyle that you may have always wanted. A lifestyle that provides you with the time and money to enjoy your family and friends, go on vacations when you want, and much more.

We have started a new era in Home Based Jobs and Home Based Businesses. CityNation Publishing is a leader in providing higher income, very professional work, lifetime careers, and work your own hours. Join Today.

Almost anyone can do this. If you are comfortable visiting local businesses and talking to the manager, about the sales and promotional literature that we provide, you will be very successful. And, if you are a professional salesperson, you will earn an exceptional income. CityNation offers considerable extra advertising Free, which makes it easy to obtain Orders from any type of business. We offer advertising and promotional services that are a amazing bargain for any business. CityNation provides more advertising per dollar then any other company in America.

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