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This is a very high income Home Based Advertising Business. CityNation Publishing provides everything you need, including the training and continuing help and support services. In addition, we help you build a very profitable Sales Team that can earn you high additional income, automatically. Plus, if you know Social Media, you can earn even more additional income.

In all, you can earn over $200,000 per year. Plus, your income can keep growing every year since this is Subscription Based Advertising, with automatic annual renewals.

The complete Home Based Advertising Business In-A-Box is furnished to you Totally Free. This is the Free Version of our Home Based Franchise Advertising Business which costs only $20,000. The Free Version is almost exactly like the Franchise Version.

There are 3 parts to this Home Based Advertising Business-In-A-Box. Each part earns you a high income.

Part 1. This is the Basic Advertising Business-In-A-Box. You sell special online advertising services to local businesses. The customers receive more full-page quality advertising then any other company could ever offer. A huge bargain, at a low price. Plus, you include some additional advertising services they didn't ask for, free because you are a nice person. You can earn over $80,000 per year.

Part 2. If you know Social Media, you can include this service and earn over $2,000 per Order. This can earn you over an additional $40,000 per year.

Part 3. We help you build your own Sales Team. This includes Recruiters that obtain the Sales Representatives for your Sales Team. CityNation pays the Recruiters and the Sales Representatives in your Sales Team. You do not pay them. A moderate size Sales Team can earn you over $100,000 per year. You can have as many Members in your Sales Team as you want.

This brings your total income to over $200,000 per year. Plus, the Advertising is subscription based, with automatic renewals every year. So your income will increase every year.

CityNation offers this Home Based Business-In-A-Box opportunity to you (1) either as a Franchise Business Opportunity for only $20,000 or (2) you can obtain the Free Version, which is almost the same as the Franchise Version.

This is absolutely the best home based business-in-a-box opportunity and work from home opportunity that you will every find. There is no other home based opportunity like this in America.

You can obtain a FREE Home Based Advertising Business In-A-Box.

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See Home Based Advertising Business In-A-Box opportunity for a Home Based Business furnished Free.

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CityNation Publishing offers you an alternative to Corporate America. We empower you to achieve a lifestyle that you may have always wanted. A lifestyle that provides you with the time and money to enjoy your family and friends, go on vacations when you want, and much more.

We have started a new era in Home Based Jobs and Businesses and Business-In-a-Box opportunity. You receive higher income, very professional work, lifetime careers, and work your own hours.

CityNation has been in the publishing and advertising business for over 30 years. Initially, we purchased a printing company and changed it into a publishing business. We sold advertising in our own local publications. Our next venture involved Franchising our publications throughout the country. Currently, we developed an online publishing business which provides advertising and Social Media promotional services to local businesses throughout the country.

Work from home jobs and work from home based Business-In-A-Box are becoming more popular. In fact. 1 in 5 people in America work from home. And, experts expect that work from home jobs will keep increasing.

CityNation Publishing is the only company that provides a Free Version of a legitimate Home Based Franchise Advertising Business Opportunity. The Free Version is our "FREE Home Based Advertising Business In-A-Box".

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