The Best One-Year
Advertising & Marketing Campaign
Ever Created for your Local Businesses

FREE Sales Teams
Any Small Retail Business

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Become a Dealer for CityNation
You Receive a Complete

Business Opportunity
 Totally FREE

Sales Reps Wanted

You Can Get Teams of Sales Reps - All Making You Money

Better then a Franchise Business. This Marketing Business Opportunity provides all the good parts of a Franchise Business, but none of the bad parts. Such as, no royalty costs, no rent to pay, no required advertising costs, and no stock or inventory to buy. And, the operating costs are next to nothing.

You work from home or office, your own desired days and hours.

CityNation provides the training, sales and marketing Templates, and provides ongoing guidance and Support Services.

Plus, you receive a website and continuous considerable online full-page advertising.

You offer to small retail businesses in your area the most powerful and unique One-Year Premium Advertising and Marketing Program, ever created for small businesses.

This is the Best
Advertising & Marketing Program
Ever Created
for any Local Retail Business

There is no other company that has ever furnished this extent
of advertising and marketing to small business

There is no real selling involved. You just explain all the benefits that are furnished and how they work.

Your target customers are the small local retail businesses.

You will be offering the only real comprehensive advertising and marketing program that can grow and expand any local small retail business in America, for every month and every year.

You handle all the marketing and sales of this amazing One-Year Advertising and Marketing Program,

And, CityNation handles all the development and production of this product.


Recently, over one Million small businesses have gone bankrupt or just closed their doors. This could have been prevented if these businesses had unlimited Sales Teams and a professional Marketing System, such as what CityNation now offers to small businesses..

You will be offering unlimited Sales Representatives, which your customers can get entirely FREE.

And, you will be offering professional Marketing Systems as part of over 20 major marketing methods that are included in this One-Year Advertising and Marketing Program.

The One-Year Advertising and Marketing Program is specifically designed to grow any small retail business for every month and every year, and for as long as the owner wants.

You have 2 ways to earn money

1. You market and offer the CityNation One-Year Premium Advertising & Marketing Program to local retail businesses in your area. No selling involved. You just explain what it is and how it works to grow their business. Just one Account can earn you up to $500 as immediate income,

2. You also earn a monthly Residual Income from the Sales Reps of the Customers that you obtained.

On average you can earn over $5,000 per year of Residual Income for each Account.

And after about 6 month, you could sit back and just let your customers' Accounts continue to grow your business.


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You could semi-retire in one-year
And, live anywhere you want
with an excellent monthly income
from your Sales Teams


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