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   How 2 Old Men Teamed Up and Became Successful

Here is my story about how my friend and I joined CityNation and became successful.

My name is Joe and I am 68 years old. I retired as Director of Accounting at General Electric. My friend’s name is Jason, He is 82 years old. He was Manager of the parts department at a Ford Dealer.

One day I received in the mail a letter asking if I wanted to join CityNation-Advertising as a Sales Manager. I could work my own hours. I thought about it for about a week. Then I called my friend Jason to see if he would be interested.

He immediately said, “For sure. It beats both of us just watching TV every time we hang out together. Let’s do it. Besides, it gets us out of the house”

CityNation-Advertising, FREE Trained Sales Teams for your business

He immediately said, “For sure. It beats both of us just watching TV every time we hang out together. Let’s do it. Besides, it gets us out of the house”

I called CityNation and Barbara was very receptive about my idea of Jason and I working as a team. We both filled out the CityNtion Apply Form on their website and included our resumes.

Barbara sent both of us a Starter Package. The next day, Jason came over to my house and we started developing our plan for working together.

Here is what we did. Jason does all the telephoning and setting up of appointments for me to see the business managers at local businesses.

Here is what else Jason does. Jason keeps all the records, sends the receipts to the customers when they sign up, and prepares and sends to CityNation the Weekly Reports. Jason also takes care of the commissions that CityNation sends to us. Actually, CityNation sends the commissions to him, and he sends me my 50%.

CityNation-Advertising, FREE Trained Sales Teams for your businessJason, at first used the Script that was provided by CityNation for making the telephone appointments. Than Jason revised the Script so it was more of what he would say on the phone.

Jason’s Script works pretty good. On every appointment, the manager was glad to see me. Mostly, they first wanted to know about the cost and the Free Sales Teams. In reply, I almost always followed the “7-Step Sales Process.”

I answer their questions – but in the order of discussion that I was supposed to according to the “7-Step Selling Process.” This helped me to control the conversation, instead of the manager doing the control.

I would use the Automatic Sales Presentation provided by CityNation. This is a PowerPoint presentation whereby I just turn the pages and read what it says. And, I answer their questions.

When it comes to closing the sale – I would use the “Candy Store” selection of Extra Bonus Items. I would help the customer decide which is the best item to select. I would always point to the 50% Down version of the Advertising & Marketing Campaign Package as the best deal. Because it is the best to select - and because it pays my commissions faster.

Next, I help them go to the Order Page on the CityNation website and place the Order. They are automatically sent to the PayPal website to make their payment.

PayPal sends them a Receipt and later Jason sends them a Receipt. CityNation phones them the next day and starts the process of preparing and publishing their Advertisements and describes how to start their Free Sales Teams.

Both the customer and CityNation coordinate everything through Jason – for things like instructions, customer questions, draft copies of the customer’s advertisements, and any help the customer wants. CityNation-Advertising, FREE Trained Sales Teams for your business

For the customer, Jason is the point of contact to and from CityNation.

This whole thing works pretty well. Jason and I work at our own schedule for getting things done.

The managers at the local businesses we visit and sell to, usually become friends. We visit them often just to see how they are doing. If they need help, we take of that as soon as we can.

Both Jason and I really like what we are doing. Are we making money? You bet we are. More than we ever expected. For Jason and myself, we don’t consider this as work.

We never do high pressure selling. We just explain what the customers would receive and how it worked. We worked at first, 3 days a week and only 4 hours on those days.

Now, we work only 2 days a week at 4 hours each.

Half that time, we try to get new customers and we use the Monthly Special that CityNation offers each month.

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