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--- FREE Totally Complete Marketing Business Opportunities
NO COST To Start and To Operate the Business
FREE Advertising and Promotion
FREE Training
--- FREE Marketing Programs
--- FREE Support Services
--- Nothing to buy
Work from home, your own desired hours and days.
--- Rated “Best Home Business”

You Earn Money 6 Ways

--- From Advertising sales to Local Businesses.
--- From Advertising Updates.
--- From your Products that you sell.
--- From new Add-On Products that you sell.
--- From your Products that your Marketing Team sells.
--- From CityNation Revenue Sharing Program (profit sharing).

About Your
Nation-Wide Marketing Team

On average, you earn $5,000/year from just one of your Team Members that sell our Advertising Services.

You decide how much money you want to earn – and just build your Marketing Team to that size.

We show you exactly how to build a very large Nation-Wide Marketing & Sales Team – at no cost to you. And, we help you build a large Marketing Team.

Your Marketing Team Members can sell our Advertising in their Local Area and can build their own Nation-Wide Marketing Team. 

About Your
Local Marketing & Advertising Business

You (or your Marketing Team) sell our Online Advertising Services to Local Business. Start by giving FREE Premium Online Advertising to every Local Business in your area.

Or, if you prefer, you can have your Marketing Team do all the selling of our Advertising to the Local Businesses in your area.

You Are The Boss. You get plenty of options in marketing and selling the Advertising – so you can satisfy even the toughest customers.

Sell Your Own Products and Services to the Local Businesses. Or, have your Marketing Team sell your Products and Services.

Add-On Marketing Programs

Select Your Marketing Programs. CityNation provides FREE Tools for various Marketing Program for you to use to Advertise and Promote your Nation-Wide Marketing Business.

We continue to keep adding to the list of FREE Marketing Program Tools.

You can select any of the FREE Marketing Program Tools, one at a time. So, select the best for you to use as your first Marketing Program. We help you decide the best Marketing Tools to start with.

1) Videos, marketing and advertising

2) Facebook-Groups, marketing and advertising

3) Pinterest, marketing and advertising.

4) Blog, Complete Business Opportunity

5) eBook, Complete Business Opportunity

6) College Job-Boards, job posting

7) Flyers, hand out and distribute

Additional Option Add-On Marketing Programs are under development.

Why Join

Want Steady Good Income

Earn Average of $5,000 or more per year from just ONE of your active Team Members. Can get as many Team members as you want.

Want to own a High Income Business

Can build large Nation-Wide Marketing Team with over 100 Members, FREE.

Want to Pay-Off Student Loans

Work a few hours a week. in evenings. Build a small Marketing Team with other students as Team Members (they also earn money).

Want Retirement Money

Just 5 -10 Active Team Members are needed. After building your Marketing Team, only a few hours a month is required.

Want to Buy a House

Build a Marketing Team with 20-30 active members. After you build your Marketing Team, this would be just a part-time job.

Want a Professional Career

Determine income you want. Build a Marketing Team to the size and income you want.

Want Extra Income

10 Active Team Members will provide good Extra Income. After building your Marketing Team, only a few hours a month is required.


*Active Team Members sell our Advertising Services to local businesses in their area.



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