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Save Your Mom and Pop Retail Store

From ever going broke

Get the CityNation Total Marketing System, FREE

Provides $140,000 of Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions
Each year for 5 years, plus

FREE Sales Representatives that Promote Your Business


Here is your FREE
"Total Marketing System"

Partner with CityNation Marketing Systems and you will receive everything that you need to keep growing your Small Retail Business, for as long as you want, FREE.

You start with these
3 powerful Marketing Systems

1) “CityNation Advertising, Marketing, and Promotional System”
This provides over $140,000 worth of Premium Adverting, Marketing, and Promotional Services every year. You can also offer these to your qualified business clients and vendors, FREE, which will keep growing their business.

2). “The Unlimited Business Growth System”
This provides the Management for your customized installation and operation of the CityNation Total Marketing System. This System is built into the Total Marketing System.

“CityNation Total Marketing System”
As a Local Dealer, you can offer all of this to your qualified business clients and vendors, which will keep growing their business. See below for how CityNation pays you for each new account.

This is the Real Deal. You can get everything FREE if you are qualified as a Small Retail Business (Brick and Mortar Retail Business) or you sell to Small Retail Businesses.

Large companies are excluded. This is our First Phase of helping the Small Retail Businesses in America start the re-growth of their business - to build a prosperous future for themselves. Read below for why we are doing this.

Don’t worry about this being too complicated. CityNation provides Unlimited On-Call Help during this entire Total Marketing Program.

Here is a List of what you will receive:

You get all of this – and more
Over $140,000 per year

CityNation Total Marketing System
Unlimited Business Growth System

Become a Local Dealer
And Get Paid

Everything FREE*

12-Months Continuous Program

Full-Page Advertising

Marketing Programs

2-Sales Representatives

Marketing Ambassadors

Coupons Program

Contests Program

Customer Service

Promotional Website

See how everything is Provided FREE

On-Call Help and Assistance

Promotional Raffles

Articles Published

Press Releases

Business instantly more valuable

Public Speaking Promotions

Chambers of Commerce Promotions

Rotary Clubs Promotions

FREE Advertising for local businesses

Renew every year

Start a Second Location

Note: You call them “Sales Representatives” – We call them “Marketing Ambassadors.”


Important Features and Benefits

The Main Features of this
Total Marketing System

1). 1). You get 2 FREE Sales Representatives, who will visit local businesses all over your Region and promote your business. You do not pay them. CityNation pays them.

2) 2).  You get a Promotional Website, which includes your premium Advertising, your Coupons program, your Contests Programs, your published articles, and more.

3)  3). You can offer Premium Advertising to local businesses, as a special Promotion.

4)  4). Special Raffles. You can Team with the local Chamber of Commerce, or Rotary Club, to Raffle a FREE Total Marketing System, twice a year for Small Retail Businesses. You are the Sponsor. Local newspapers will cover these events. This provides special publicity for your business.

5) 5).  You periodically Sponsor Special Promotions for the Small Retail Businesses in your area.

6) 6).  You can build a large Team of FREE Sales Representatives that promote your business Locally, Regionally and even Nation-Wide. This is separate from your 2 FREE Sales Representatives.

7)  7). You become our Local Dealer and receive Royalty Income that exceeds your monthly Subscription Fee. Thus, you get this Total Marketing System, FREE.

8). You can offer the complete Total Marketing System to other Small Retail Businesses. Their business would instantly become more valuable.

9). Your Business will become unique and have great advantage over other Businesses.

Who are we

We are Ex-Rocket Scientists (retired).

We innovated and brought our astronauts to and from the moon. And then to and from the Space Stations.

So now, we are again innovating and bringing the Small Retail Businesses in America to a new future - of growth and prosperity for their business.

This won’t have to cost you any money – and it’s going to be an exciting journey.

I am sure that you will enjoy this journey of growing your business and helping the Small Retail Business in America also Grow their Business.

We provide you and your clients who obtained the Total Marketing System, with all of the Training, Advertising, Marketing, and Promotional Services to achieve the goals for your and their business growth.

But most important, at the end of the year
your bookkeeper will tell you
“It’s amazing. You got everything entirely FREE”

So, come aboard. And start making history. Just like we did for the Apollo Mission.
You too will find this to be amazing.

This is just our First Phase.
You will be proud when you see what else we have planned in our next phase.
And the last phase will be the new future for all Advertising, Marketing and Promotions in the USA and beyond. It is coming soon. Our Team is one of the leaders.

Here are the 18 ways that CityNation will help grow your business

Total Marketing Systems

19 Ways to Grow Your Business

1. Sales Representative (Marketing Ambassador). 
Your FREE Sales Representatives will promote your business throughout both your Local Marketing Area and your Regional Marketing Area. You do not pay the Sales Representatives. CityNation pays them.

2. Promotional Website. You will get customized Premium full-page Advertisements, Published for 12 Months. This also promotes your products and services, your Coupons, your Contests, and your entire Business.

3. 15-Days FREE Trial Period
. During this period, you start preparing the Advertisements for your business and get-ready all the other Features. You can cancel this Marketing Program any time during this period.

One of the best marketing tools to use are Coupons. Coupons attract new customers and keep existing customers. 

5. Another best marketing tool is Contests.
We recommend the Selfie Photo Contents.
You can publish the Photos, hang them on your wall, and your Sales Reps can use them to promote your business.

6. Raffles. 
Your Sales Rep will promote your raffles for the FREE Premium Advertisements that the local businesses in your area can win. The Raffles will be held at your business.

7. Press Release 
will be published to promote your Raffle, Coupons, Contests, and other events by you.

8. Articles 
about your business that include a video and pictures will be published at various times.

9. Full-Page Advertisement-#1) 
This is a Customized Premium full-page Advertisement. Published for 12 months and includes plenty of Text, customer provided Video, and pictures.

10. Full-Page Advertisement-#2) 
This is a Customized Premium full-page Advertisement. Published for 12 months and includes plenty of Text, a customer provided Video, and many pictures. Plus, Articles, Press Releases, and FREE Advertising for customers will be published.

11. Premium SEO. 
Search Engine Optimization. This is the heart and soul of the Search Magic that is provided.

12. On-Call Professional Marketing Research.

This is great to help you develop new marketing methods.

13. Supe
r-Day "Promotional Advertising Give-Away”
Periodically, your Sales Representatives will offer FREE Full-Page Online Advertising to Local and Regional Businesses, when they purchase any item from your business.

14. Integrated Marketing System. 
Provides a Great Marketing Campaign with all marketing elements promoting your business at the same time.

15. If you sell your business, it will be worth many Thousands of Dollars More Money.
Because your business will have a working Promotional and Marketing System that brings you new customers and grows your business, which can be extended to the new buyer.

16. Your Business Marketing and Action Plan. 
This will be prepared by a small Team of your business and CityNation during your 15 Day FREE Trial. And it can be used and modified during the entire 12-months Marketing Program.

17. Unlimited revisions for 30 days.
You can revise your Advertisements and publications during the first 30 days after being published.

18. Chambers of Commerce Events Organized to Promote Your Business You talk about the Total Marketing System and your Small Mom and Pop Business. Meanwhile, your FREE Sales Representatives is passing out Flyers to local businesses.

The Flyer offers a FREE full-page online Advertisement for each business, courtesy of your store. They come to your store and give their story to you. CityNation publishes their stories. The local newspapers are invited to the event. And they publish the pictures and the stories about the event.

19. Exceptional Customer Service.
CityNation provides the Tools and guiding instructions for you to be a top leader in Customer Service. Studies show that businesses with top leading Customer Service, retain their customers and grow their business 5 times greater and make substantially more profit than the average business.

Here is a Story that shows
that you too can be as successful as you want

And, CityNation will help you implement this
"Best Customer Service System"

What he did. This 40 year old man started with 17 cars - and created a $22 Billion empire entirely by providing “Exceptional Customer Service.”

CityNation will help you implement this Same "Exceptional Customer Service Model."

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How Can This
“Total Marketing System”

The basic foundation for making this FREE, lies in the mathematics of Set Theory. When we identified all of the things that go into this entire Total Marketing System, and put them in Companion Sets. Plus we already had the goal of providing everything FREE. The result gave us an important clue. 

To solve this problem, we had to go beyond the Standard Set Theory, and include some non-mathematical objects with their principal rules and theories, so as to include all of the required “Total Marketing System.”

As such, we had to create a new branch of Set Theory, which now provides a new method to develop the solutions for complex business management problems. We named it the Coblenz Set Theory.

[Side-Note: We named it thus, mainly because the inventor of the original Set Theory was Georg Cantor in 1873, a German mathematician. And the inventor of this new branch of Set Theory is of German heritage – and one of our Rocket Scientists who developed this "Total Marketing System."]

The solution meets all of the Accounting Standards and Rules, IRS Regulations, and meets the normal principles of Business Cost and Profit Standards. In other words, this is completely legitimate and definitely not a “Bernie Madoff.”

How CityNation pays you. As a Local Dealer, you receive Royalty Income every time that you obtain a new CityNation Total Marketing System Account from a Small Retail Business. And, you also receive Residual Income for every new Account that your Sales Representatives obtain.

This will fully offset the monthly Subscription fee that you pay - and have money left over. Thus, you will thereby be making a profit from this Total Marketing System - and you will have obtained everything FREE.

And that's why at the end of the year, your bookkeeper will tell you:

"This is amazing. I never heard of such a thing.  You not only got everything FREE - and your business is now growing very nicely, but you also make a profit from this Total Marketing System."

Here is how to join
and get everything

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