“5-Year Miracle Marketing System”

Exclusively for the
Small Retail Businesses
and their Vendors
in America


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“Miracle Marketing System, Lite”
12 Months

Includes FREE

Sales Representative

Here is what you receive

1-A Miracle Marketing System, Lite
Designed so you can customize the Marketing System to meet your goals. You can select the Features and Benefits as Options that you want.

2-A One FREE Marketing Ambassador that works for you and promotes your business all over your wide area. (The second FREE Marketing Ambassador is part of the Premium CityNation Miracle Marketing System.)

3-A Promotional Website. This is used as a Hub for your Internet Advertising, Marketing, and Promotional services.

4-A Coupons Program. You provide the Coupons, and work with CityNation to publish the Coupons. Coupons are one of the best marketing tools for attracting new customers and retaining the existing customers.

Marketing Ambassador: You can also print the coupons and have your Marketing Ambassadors pass them out to the businesses that they visit.

5-A Unlimited On-Call Help and Customer Service. Whenever you get stuck on a problem, you can call CityNation for answers. And, when we want to implement something new, make sure that you check it out with CityNation.

You Must Have Some

“Skin in the Game”

To Be Sussessful


The first 15 Days are a

FREE Trial Period

You pay $400 down payment

(after the first 15 days)

And pay $200 per month

(Months 2-11)





The first 15 days are the

FREE Trial Period


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Become a Local Dealer

CityNation Pays You Money

Royalty Income and Residual Income

Offsets your monthly payments



“Premium Miracle Marketing System”

12 Months
Complete Marketing System

Marketing Systems

Full-Page Custom
Advertising, Marketing
and Promotional System


Sales Representative
For Your Business


Professional Version
$360 per month


Start Growing Your
Business NOW

“Miracle Marketing System”

For Your Small Retail Business

You Receive All of This:

1) Two Sales Representatives

2) Advertising and Promotional Website

**3) Buy-Now Bonus 15 Days FREE Trial

4) Coupons Program

5) Contests Program

6) Raffle Promotions

7) Press Releases

8) Articles Published

9) Full-Page Premium Advertisement #1

10) Full-Page Premium Advertisement #2

11) Premium SEO, Search Engine Optimization

12) On-Call Help and Customer Service

**13) Buy-Now Bonus Business Marketing Plan and Action Plan

14) Increased Business Value

15) Full Marketing System Transferred to a new buyer, FREE

16) Unlimited Revisions to Advertisements, first 30 days, FREE

**(17 and 18) Buy-Now Bonus – Receive Royalty and Residual Income that offsets your monthly payments.

Start promoting your Business to
Organizations like
Chambers of Commerce and Rotary Clubs

You receive the best Marketing System
ever furnished 
to the Small Retail Business
in America
(The Mom and Pop - Brick and Mortar Stores)
About a Million of these folks.


Provided by CityNation Marketing Systems

Premium Miracle Marketing System
For Your Business
Get Yours Today


"CityNation Miracle Marketing System"


Exclusive for

Small Retail Businesses
and associated Vendors

Premium Version
Plus Dealership
With Royalty Income

Receive Royalty Income
and Residual Income
that offsets and pays your Monthly Subscription Fees 

Can receive
 money left over as your Profits

5-Years of
Premium Advertising, 
Marketing, and Promotional Services

Promotes your Business to
Organizations like
Chambers of Commerce
and Rotary Clubs

Become our Official Provider
of the
CityNation Miracle Marketing System
furnished FREE to
Small Retail Businesses


The first 15 days are the
FREE Trial Period

You pay $720 down payment the
first month (after the first 15 days)

You pay $360 per month
(months 2-11)

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Procedure for buying the
CityNation Miracle Marketing System, Lite
One-Year Advertising, Marketing, and Promotional System

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4) At PayPal.
Follow instructions and make payment.

5) After payment, CityNation will contact you the next business day to help you start preparations for your advertisements and Sales Teams.

6) Any questions or help, contact the CityNation Local Representative. Or, contact Roy Coburne at CityNation Marketing Systems at (805) 990-1892.

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