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12- Months Marketing Plan and Action Plan
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Why CityNation gives this FREE

This is part of your Marketing and Action Plan
for growing your business

When you join, you get a custom Marketing and Action Plan that helps you keep tract of all the Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions during each year of growing your business.

This is especially useful when we discuss your progress at the quarterly Zoom Virtual business Meetings.

This is a $14,000 per year Marketing Program that you can get FREE.

And this is a $700,000 Advertising, Marketing, and Promotional 5 Year Total Marketing Program, that you can get FREE

Getting Started

Your Advertising, Marketing, and
Promotional Products

CityNation provides 2 FREE Marketing Ambassadors as part of this Premium CityNation Miracle Marketing System. You recruit and hire the Sales Representatives (called Marketing Ambassadors) to make sure that you get the right person for your business.

CityNation pays the Marketing Ambassadors and Trains them to promote your business and products using this CityNation Miracle Marketing System.

You get 15-Days FREE Trial Period
so you can make sure this is right for you.


Sales Representative Package

1-A One FREE Marketing Ambassador that works for you and promotes your business all over your wide area. (The second FREE Marketing Ambassador is part of the Premium CityNation Miracle Marketing System.)

2-A Promotional Website. This is used as a Hub for your Internet Advertising, Marketing, and Promotional services.

3-A Coupons Program. You will provide the Coupons, working with CityNation to publish the Coupons. Coupons are one of the best marketing tools for attracting new customers and retaining the existing customers.

Marketing Ambassador: You will also print the coupons and have your Marketing Ambassadors pass them out to the businesses that they visit.

4-A Unlimited On-Call Help and Customer Service. Whenever you get stuck on a problem, you can call CityNation for answers. And, when you want to implement something new, make sure that you check it out with CityNation.

5-A You get our Team-Work and Back-Office help to keep Growing Your Business.

6-A Buy any of the below individual Marketing Modules (7B - 22B) to help grow your business.

Customize Your
FREE Sales Representative Package

Coming Soon

You can buy and integrate any of the Marketing Modules (7B - 22B).

This will add value to your business - and can bring in more customers.


------------------ The Complete Premium ------------------
CityNation Miracle Marketing System

This includes the complete
FREE Sales Representative Package


7-B Marketing and Action Book. This lists all the things related to your Advertising, Marketing, Promotions, and Sales. This Book is updated with the status and progress everything. We use this Book to guide us on growing our business with the Premium Miracle Marketing System.

8-B Contests. Another Best Marketing Tool - is Contests. Contests also attract new customers and keep existing customers.

Photos will be published, hung on your wall. And your will print Flyers to be passed out by your Marketing Ambassadors.

Marketing Ambassador: Passes out the Flyers for the Selfie Marketing Program to the businesses.

9-B FREE Raffle Program for the FREE 12-months Premium Advertisement. Any local business can obtain a FREE Raffle Ticket. Your Marketing Ambassadors will pass out FREE Raffle Tickets to the local businesses in your area.

10-B Full-Page Premium Advertisement #1. This provides an excellent promotion for your business, products, the Contests, and the Coupons.

Action: CityNation will provide the instructions and publish the Video, Advertisement, and Photos

11-B Full-Page Premium Advertisement #2. 

Action: CityNation will provide the instructions and publish the Videos, Advertisements, and Photos. Most important, You should make a video of your business.

12-B Exceptional Customer Service. Using the guide and instructions, you will apply the same methods and techniques used by the Enterprise Auto Leasing.

13-B CityNation Provides Research. You may need research studies to solve problems or upgrade your Customer Service. This service is provided by CityNation, FREE.

14-B CityNation provides Premium SEO. This enables potential customers to find your business.

15-B You receive FREE Marketing Ambassadors. You hire the Marketing Ambassadors. CityNation pays and trains your Marketing Ambassadors, provides the Help Wanted Flyer, an Employment Page on Promotional Website, and instructions.

16-B CityNation edits and publishes your Advertisements, Coupons, Contests, descriptions of your business and your products.

17-B Periodically, both You and CityNation get together to review the status and see if any changes are needed for growing your business.

18-B Periodically, Press Releases are published by CityNation about your special events at your business

19-B Periodically, Articles are published by CityNation about your business.

20-B The Chamber of Commerce. Arrangements are made with the Chamber of Commerce for a FREE Raffle of a Premium CityNation Miracle Marketing System. This is sponsored by the Chamber, yourself, and CityNation.

21-B Local Rotary Club. A Rotary Club will provide the same type of Raffle each year.

22-B You make videos and furnish to CityNation. Periodically, You can make videos of your events and send to CityNation to publish both the Video and an the Articles.

Extra Benefits

Your Flyers. You can create and print Flyers for your Marketing Ambassadors to give to the local businesses that are visited. The Flyers show your Coupons, Contest, FREE Raffle Tickets, FREE Premium Advertisements, your Products and your Services.

Your Business Value can be increased 20% to 40% per year. This is all because of the Premium CityNation Miracle Marketing System. You will know have an organized, systematic method of growing our business. This is really important if you ever wanted to sell your business.

Upgrade the décor of my store. This helps to bring you new customers.

Keep this Premium Miracle Marketing/Action Plan Updated.


Monthly winners to the Contests are selected and published by CityNation.

Small Business Winners of the FREE Premium Advertisement that you give to other businesses FREE, are announced at your business and published by CityNation.

Your Marketing Ambassadors' Job is to visit the Local and Regional areas and talk to the owners and managers of the various businesses and to promote your business.

You furnish the Data to CityNation in digital format. CityNation provides the instructions for all of the information for your Advertisements, coupons, Contests, videos, and descriptions of our business and our products.

How Your Marketing Ambassadors
Can Promote Your Business

 Your Marketing Ambassadors visit the local businesses in my area to promote my store. The conversation goes something like this.

“Hi. I work at the hardware store down the block and I wanted to give your owner something that will help your business get more customers.

Is the owner or manager in today?

OK, I’ll wait.

“Hello. I’m Willy-Ann and I work as a Marketing Ambassador for the hardware store down the block.

I just wanted to stop by and give you some really good information on how you can also get a Marketing Ambassador FREE, that will promote your business all over this area. Or, anywhere else, if you want.

And, you will also get FREE online advertising and promotions for your business, for an entire year.

“It’s all here in this brochure. And, you could get someone, just like me.

“And, while I am here, let me give you this Coupon that entitles you to get a Full-Page, Premium Advertisement that will promote your business for one year, totally FREE.

“You just have to visit my hardware store, say hello to Mr. Eddington the owner, and buy something.

And, by the way, here is a Flyer for your employees. This is a fun Selfie Contest. They will love this one.

But most important, the Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club will be having a Raffle – that gives away FREE, this $140,000 worth of continuous Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions for any Mom and Pop Small Retail Business or their Vendor, who wins the Raffle.

Here is a FREE Raffle Ticket for each of these events.

“Well Charles, that’s all I have for you this month. And, don’t forget to read that Brochure. You could get a full one-year Marketing System, and a get FREE Marketing Ambassadors that will promote your business all year long.

“And, don’t forget to stop by my hardware store to get that FREE Advertisement that will be published for 12 months.

When you want to join this Marketing System, just call me.

“Now let’s talk about that hunting trip that you are going on next week.”

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