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Help Wanted
$1K to $5K/Month

Paid Volunteers 
A Wonderful Job

The Movement
Save the Small Businesses in America

And the
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Never Before
Has there Been Anything Like This


As a Marketing Ambassador, this is what you
offer to the Small Mom & Pop Retail Businesses

CityNation Miracle Marketing System
The Greatest Marketing System that was ever developed
exclusively for the Small Mom and Pop Stores, and their Vendors
And they can get it FREE


$140,000 worth of continuous year-long Advertising, Marketing,
and Promotions for your Small Business,


This is a 5-Year Program that
provides over a $700,000 worth of continuous Advertising,
Marketing, and Promotions for your Small Business, FREE


Paid Volunteers Wanted

Marketing Ambassadors

Six Figure Income possible, part-time

Work from home any time you want to

Offer this Marketing Program to the Small Businesses.

And selected Corporations.

Youwill be helping to save the Small Businesses in America.

Build a Sales Team for additional income.

Pick Your Platform and Method of Promoting

Select any of the below methods of marketing
CityNation provides Scripts, instructions, and Training


B2B Visits
Your Blog

Public Speaker
Publish Press Releases
Publish Articles
Marketing Ambassador

Pass Out Flyers
Publish Marketing Videos
Social Media
News Letter


 Build a Sales Team
Earn Additional Income

Build a Sales Team as large as you want.

From all over the USA.

Using any Platform and Method.

This can provide you a very substantial living;

Live and work in any location in the USA.

Receive Training from CityNation.

Promotes CityNation Miracle Marketing System.



You offer this CityNation Miracle Marketing System to Small Mom & Pop Retail Businesses, Corporations, Franchises, and Individuals that sell to the Small Retail Businesses. Use any of the above Platforms and methods.

This can include offers to an individual or a corporation that has over 25 locations.

Accounts may range from $1400 to $35,000 (Your income yearly).

Accounts may provide only one location and corporations may provide over 25 locations.

With experience, one new account can be obtained each week.

Working diligently part time, you could earn a 6-figure annual income.


You will be Helping to Grow
the Local Small Mom and Pop
Retail Businesses in your area

We need you to spread the word – about this amazing FREE Miracle Marketing System.

These are permanent part-time jobs, work your own hours, any time you want, in your local area, and anywhere else.

--- You visit local businesses – and introduce our products.

--- You offer the CityNation Miracle Marketing System, FREE.

--- And you show them how to get started - and grow their business.


About the
Marketing Ambassadors

This is a Part-Time or full-time, independent, Career Job, working your own desired hours in your area.

Join CityNation and help your local Mom and Pop Stores start growing like never before.

Become an important part of this new way for Small Businesses to grow their business. You will be making history.

You will be on the Ground Floor of transforming the local Mom and Pop Businesses into a new future of Marketing their products and to be the “Go To” place for shopping.

Plus, this is a new kind of Job that gives you the freedom that you would want.

You work as an Independent Marketing Ambassador for a local Mom and Pop business in your area. You work part-time or full-time and your own schedule that you establish.

Your job is to visit the local businesses in the area and (1) promote the local Mom and Pop’s business and products and (2) introduce the CityNation Miracle Marketing System to the businesses.

As a Marketing Ambassador, you are not selling, you are introducing and explaining.

Part Time or full-time Career: 
Great for individuals who want: Extra Income – are Retired – College Students – want to start a new career  and formany other reasons.

You can be a Public Speaker – Telemarketer - Podcaster – Blogger – Influencer - and build a Marketing Team any size you want.

You are paid Commissions – as Royalty Income and Residual Income.  

Below is an example of your presentation
to a business manager or owner

You are not selling. You are explaining and offering the FREE CityNation Miracle Marketing System - to the small Mom and Pop Businesses and to the corporations.

This Miracle Marketing System provides over $140,000 of Advertising, Marketing, and Promotional Services each year.

You are offering the Greatest Marketing System, ever developed for Small Retail Businesses, and they can get it FREE.

Marketing Ambassador
The following is a Typical Presentation

You visit the local Small Retail Businesses in your local area to introduce yourself and to promote the business that you work for – and also to introduce the CityNation Miracle Marketing System. 

The conversation goes something like this.

“Hi. I work at the hardware store down the street and I wanted to give your owner something that will help your business get more customers. Is the owner or manager in today?

OK, I’ll wait.

“Hello. I’m Willy-Ann and I work as a Marketing Ambassador for the hardware store down the street.

I just wanted to stop by and give you some really good information on how you can get FREE Sales Representatives like me, FREE.

And get a year long $140,000 worth of Advertising, Marketing, and Promotional System for your business, FREE.

“It’s all here in this brochure.

“And, while I am here, let me give you this Coupon that entitles you to get a Full-Page, Premium Advertisement that will promote your business for one year, totally FREE.

“You just have to visit my hardware store, say hello to Mr. Edington the owner, and buy something.

And, by the way, here is a Flyer for your employees. This is a fun Selfie Contest. They will love this one, for sure.

“Well Charles, that’s all I have for you this month. And, don’t forget to read my Brochure. You could get a full one-year of a $140,000 Miracle Marketing System, and also get a FREE Marketing Ambassador, like me who will promote your business.

Oh. I forgot to mention, you could become a Dealer and make extra money from this Miracle Marketing System.

And, you can build a Sales Team that will earn you extra money and promote your business.

“So. Make sure to read my Brochure. And, when you want to join, just give me a call.

“And, don’t forget to stop by my hardware store to get that FREE Advertisement that will be published for 12 months.

“Now let’s talk about that hunting trip that you are going on next week.

__________ // ___________



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