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To grow your business fast and big, you need 2 things:

1) The Right Tools

CityNation provides the Right Tools in their CityNation Total Marketing System which you will get when you join CityNation.

These Tools consist of a FREE Sales Representative, Promotional Website, Coupons Program, Contests Program, FREE Advertisements that you give to local business, and many the other Tools.

2) Your Exceptional Customer Service

Studies show that businesses with top leading Customer Service retain their customers and grow their business 5 times greater than the average business.

CityNation includes the guidance and instructions for developing a world-class Exceptional Customer Service for your business. The same Customer Service as a man creates who started in the basement and built a $22 Bullion empire.

3) Your Second FREE Sales Representative

If you are not growing as fast as you planned, CityNation will furnish a second FREE Sales Representative to promote your business throughout your entire Region.

4) CityNation FREE Research and Guidance

CityNation provides you the research and guidance to keep on improving your Customer Service and the get the Right Tools for you to keep growing your business.


There has never been a better Marketing System for your Small Business.

We assembled the Best Advertising, Marketing, and Promotional Systems into a 12 months package of continuous growth for your small business.

Come join and start growing your business, for as long as you want.

You get 18 powerful Features that never stop working to promote your business. Many of these powerful Features have never been available to the small businesses.

We help you create your own Marketing Plan, customized specifically for your business. And your companion Action Plan that integrates and schedules all of your Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions for the entire 12 months.

CityNation helps you create your own roadmap to success.

Your success and growth are a Team effort, with your business and CityNation working together.

Your Promotional Website that we furnish will provide Coupons and Contests that attract new customers.

Your FREE Sales Representative will promote your business all over your area,

And, your Sales Rep promotes your business by giving FREE Raffle Tickets to all the Small Business in your entire. The Raffle will be held at your facility.

Ask for Report "The 25 Steps for you to keep growing your business."

This is the Real Deal

will be helping you all the way

This is your best chance to grow your business
for only $25 per week

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the following Special Bonus Items

1) 15-Day FREE Trial. You can cancel any time during this period.

2) You can become our local Dealer, at no cost to you.
CityNation will pay you Royalty Income that could
reduce your Subscription from $260 per month,
down to an average of about only $25 per week.

3) We will give you a Bonus of 3-Extra Months of this Total Marketing System.

4) If your business is growing slower than planned, CityNation will provide a Second FREE Sales Representative to boost the promotion of your business and products.

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