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Torrance Web Designer Provides Search Engine Friendliness


The Torrance Web designer has developed a new SEO friendly Web Directory Script that brings Search Engine Friendliness closer to webmasters. SEF directories promote websites and boost page rank. What a huge incentive that brings privileges, perspectives, and reputation!

What’s Search Engine Friendliness?

A Search Engine Friendly directory comprises direct links which search engine spiders can crawl pretty easily. Result? Search engine robots get to scan pages, cache the links on them, and assign page ranks.

The Torrance Web Designer provides enhanced page rank for their websites. More so, the Torrance Designer Search Engine friendly directories up their game by promoting websites to larger viewers. Let’s present the criteria for their SEF directory.

The Dos and Don’ts of this Premium Directory

DO’S – First is the Mod rewrite which provides a dynamic link that is rewritten in a static form, thereby aiding the link search. Also, the sitemap aids users and search engine robots in navigating and finding information easily and speedily.

Likewise, a meaningful anchor text like “More about Web Directory Script” weighs more than the usual “Click Here” or “Read More.” For the best SEO friendly linking, include a direct link with the website’s keywords, like “More about <a href=“page.html”>Web Directory Script</a>.”

DON’TS – SEF directories avoid redirects as they don’t aid page rank and are not counted as backlinks. Next thing is no index, NoFollow tags. Like redirects, they only preserve a directory’s PR. However, they prevent search engine robots from crawling on them.

The Torrance Designer makes sure that the maximum number of links for a directory does not exceed the required 30. Directories with too many links on one page may get little or no value. Why? Page ranks are distributed equally among all listed links. The Torrance Web Designer does not put your links too far from your home page. It improves your directory’s indexing chances.

Big tip – The Torrance Web Designer makes sure that you retain your reputation and value by adhering to these requirements.

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About the Author’s Company

The Torrance Web Designer Company provides a friendly Web Directory Script which is now available to all businesses and webmasters. Interestingly, this script comes with all Search Engine Friendliness directory criteria as default. Also, it uses the mod rewrite module for URL transformations. In addition, all main search engines index it well, and it has a facility with extra information about the link, its statistics, and good anchor text. The Torrance programmers have continued to introduce new and effective SEO technologies. Altogether, the Torrance Web Designer’s script guarantees your popularity and remarkable reputation.


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