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The Greatest One-Year

Advertising & Marketing Program

Ever Created – for LocalSmall Businesses

Become a Dealer orSales Representative for CityNation

Grow any small business

with our Unique

1-Year Advertising & Marketing Program

No cost to you. Work your own desired hours. Totally FREE.

Residual income that grows every year.

You receive the complete Marketing Business Opportunity, Totally FREE.

  • Join as a Sales Representative or Dealership for our complete Advertising and Marketing Programs which is offered to small retail businesses in your area.
  • The Training, Marketing Material, Sales Methods and continuous Training and Support Services. Everything you need to be successful.
  • And, you receive the on-going Coaching and Support Services from CityNation.

This opportunity was developed based on one of our Franchise business Opportunities. But, this Marketing Opportunity is so much easier to get new customers.

This Marketing Opportunity is 100% better than any Franchise Business.

  • Unique BUZZ Marketing System.
  • Continuous Training and Support Services.
  • No Royalty Fees.
  • Work according to your own schedule.
  • Furnished to you Totally FREE.

And, this opportunity is very easy to operate and manage.

You just Pass Out Flyers to local businesses and Explain the CityNation Advertising and Marketing Program

You offer local small retail businesses a complete One-Year Advertising & Marketing Program.

Which includes:

  • Full-Page advertisements
  • Coupon System that will attract new customers.
  • Community News Reporters that will make your business very popular
  • Contests that are fun, and bring in new customers
  • FREE Article publishing for your customers, and more.
  • Entirely FREE – Local Sales Team, Regional Sales Team, and Nation-Wide Sales Team that will promote their business and sell their products.

The local businesses that you visit and talk to will be astonished to hear that all of this can be obtained Entirely FREE.

Theirbusinesseswill get a Super Bonus of a CityNation monthly Profit-Sharing Program – that can provide enough money to pay for everything.

This makes this whole Program Entirely FREE.

And, your business can also get Super Bonus #2 whereby they can renew this Special Deal, every year for as long as they want.

This gives the business a never-ending Entirely FREE continuous full-pageadvertisings, FREE Sales Teams, and both of the Super Bonuses.

As our Dealer or Rep, With This Business

You could semi-retire in one-year

And, live anywhere you want

with an excellent monthly income

from your Sales Teams

Join Right Now.

to learn more and get started, Right Now.


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