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How I Needed to Grow My Business

Hi. This is Raymond. Here’s my experience about purchasing the CityNation Advertising & Marketing Package.

I was laid-off from my job and I couldn’t find a good job. When back in my high school days, I worked part time for a Dry Cleaners.

So, when I was laid off and couldn’t find a job, my wife and I decided to start a dry cleaner business.

I took almost all of our savings and a big loan to buy an existing dry cleaner.

We have been operating our business for almost 2 years now. We are hardly getting any new customers. We tried almost everything.The problem is that I need to grow my business.

We were about to give up. That’s when we heard about David from CityNation who was canvassing the businesses in our area. I was interested in what I had heard, but I didn’t know any details.

I hoped that this would be the magic bullet that will save my business. So, I began to call the businesses in my area. Eventually, I found David at the business of a friend of mine.

I went over there right away and caught him just as he was leaving my friend’s flower shop. When I asked David if he had time to talk to me, he said “Sure. I have the time.” So, we went back into the Flower Shop and sat at one of the benches.

I told David that I needed to grow my business. The main things that I wanted to know about was, “How do the FREE Sales Teams work?” and “What will everything cost me, including the Advertising?”

Here is what I learned. It’s really true. The Sales Teams are really Free. And, unlimited. I can get as many Sales Reps as I want and CityNation will pay all the Sales Reps.

Here is the way it works. CityNation sets me up so that I hire the Sales Reps. I make the decision of who I want or don’t want. And, they report to me. I give them the instructions of what I want them to do for my business.

And, I give them the Flyers or Brochures to pass out and give to the businesses that theycontact and market and sell my products to.

My Sales Reps send me a Weekly Report. I have 3 Sales Teams. For my Local Sales Team, we have weekly sales meetings at my business. For my Regional Sales Team and Nation-Wide Sales Team, we have weekly Zoom video meetings on the Internet.

CityNation helps me hire the Sales Reps. They give me the Job Description, they provided me with a website for hiring the Sales Reps, and they designed the Help Wanted Flyers for me to use for hiring the Sales Reps.

But, the most important thing is that CityNation has developed a System of contacting, giving a sales presentation, and closing the sales. And, that’s what CityNation teaches my Sales Reps to use. CityNation calls it the BUZZ Marketing System.

Here is how it works. The main thing that this system does is to grow any business. This Marketing System was created to sell the CityNation’s Advertising Services to local businesses. CityNation customized this world-class marketing system to achieve a high rate of sales. And, that’s what my Sales Reps learn and use.

What the CityNation BUZZ Marketing System does – is creates a friendly discussion with the business manager. The manager talks about their business, their goals, and how they would use their Free Sales Teams, which they also would get.

This friendly talk creates an environment whereby the manager considers new ways to improve their business.

But, most important about this, it allows my Sales Rep to easily talk to the managers about my products. Whether the manager purchases the CityNation advertising services, or not, the manager becomes eager to learn about my products.

I told the CityNation Rep that all in need to do is grow my business. That’s what makes this a big deal for me. I don’t just get a bunch of Sales Reps and Sales Teams, I get Sales Reps that have been trained to use this world-class system of selling my products.

So, what did all this do for my business? Plenty.

For all my Sales Reps, CityNation also supervises them and provides additional training for them. I didn’t have to – but, I decided to pay them a commission when they sell my dry-cleaning service. This gives them a good incentive to sell more of my dry cleaning service. All my Sales Reps are well motivated, with both CityNation and me supervising and motivating them.

I now have 3 Sales Teams, a Local Sales Team, a Regional Sales Team, and a Nation-Wide Sales Team.

For my Nation-Wide Sales Team, CityNation helped me come up with a product for my Sales Reps to sell. This is a spot-remover that works great. CityNation installed an eCommerce setup on the Help Wanted website which they gave me for hiring Sales Reps. So, I didn’t have to pay for an eCommerce website. The customers can buy my “Clothing Professional Spot Remover” on the Internet right at my website.

Since I started the Sales Teams, every month I got more business. I promoted one of my Sales Reps, who is now managing all my Sales Reps. He still operates as a Sales Rep and also earns money from the CityNation Advertising Service that he sells. For all of my Sales Reps, they also earn good money from selling the CityNation Advertising Service. In fact, they earn more money from CityNation, them they earn from me.

The bottom line is that – if I didn’t start my Sales Teams, I would not have been growing my business. The 3 Sales Teams that I have are expanding my business, with more customers and more profit every month.

As for the CityNation Advertising Services that my Sales Reps sell to local businesses, CityNation also pays me a Bonus Commission for every sale my Team obtains. This amounts to receiving much more money then what it costs me for the advertising that I receive from CityNation.

The bottom line is that, the commissions that I receive from CityNation pays for everything I get from CityNation – and I have enough money left over which also pays for my car rental.

The bottom line, CityNation saved my business and now my business is expanding.

to learn more and get started Right Now.

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