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Cincinnati Comic Book Store Featuring Giovanna Casotto


The Cincinnati Comic Book Store is please to feature the artistic works of Ms Giovanna Casotto. She is known all over the world as a superb artist, especially in the field of comic books. She draws the characters in her comic books and even plays their role in movies as the leading actress.

Giovanna Casotto is one of Italy’s most popular TV actress. And, she also is a comic art artist. She is one of the most published artists in her field. Giovanna is the first female erotic Italian illustrator. Surprisingly, she is not only an illustrator, but she draws herself in all of the “Selin-covers” in the most explicit scenes. she’s also an actor who acts in those stories.

Her fantastic realistic drawings (of herself and her best friends) and the artwork of Ms. Giovanna Casotto is one of the most beautiful you will find in her category.

With Franco Saudelli, she learned to draw and they started to collaborate on several stories they write together, Franco pencils and Giovanna inks and models for. After a short stint on adventure comics

for L’Intrepido, Italian publisher Trentini signed her up for his new publication Selin. Her artwork in Selinachieved major sales in Italy, reprints all over Europe and publication of her stories in the United States.

She also became a requested guest in many Italian TV shows, and her appearances at comic-cons in Italy and abroad draw huge crowds. Her current projects include mini-stories for several mag-azines, an art portfolio, and commissions for galleries and art collectors.

About theAuthor’s Company:The Comic Book Store started years ago when “Pete The Nose” read his first comic book. He soon acquired hundreds than thousands of comic books. Very quickly, it became more than just a hobby. It became a thriving business. As for his moniker, he loves being called “Pete The Nose.”

In fact, when you see him for the first time, you will instantly know exactly why he is called “Pete The Nose.” In the world of comic books, “Pete The Nose” is widely known as (you guessed it) “Pete The Nose.”

With tremendous delight, the Cincinnati Book Store features Ms. Giovanna Casotto’s artistic works. All over the globe, she is renowned for her superb art in the comic art field. Interestingly, she plays as a leading actress in her comic books and draws many of her characters.

The Cincinnati Comic Book Store’s Big Collection

The Cincinnati Comic Book store celebrates Ms. Casotto as she is not just an actress but also an ingenious comic book artist who knows her onions. Italy revels in the acting prowess of Giovanna Casotto who remains one of its most popular TV actresses. The Cincinnati Book Store has found her to be both a well-published artist in her field and Italy’s first female specialty illustrator. She does not stop at illustrating herself and draws herself in the most peculiar scenes.In many of her stories, she acts. What better way to be a pro? In the Cincinnati Comic Book store, there are many of Ms. Casotto’s artworks and fantastic realistic drawings. They include her and her best friends, and these remain a hit. She learned to draw with Franco Saudelli, and they worked on stories together. Franco would pencil while Giovanna would ink and act as his model.

She further explored adventure comics with L’Intrepido. Next, Trentini, an Italian publisher, signed her up for his new publication. And from there, her artwork spread throughout Italy to Europe. The big sales took it to the United States. Many Italian TV shows invited her for events and she soon began to draw crowds at comic-cons appearances. The Cincinnati Comic Book store has her current projects – mini-stories intended for myriads of magazines, commissions for art collectors and galleries, and an art portfolio.

About the Author

Many years ago, “Pete the Nose” read his first comic book, and this gave birth to the Comic Book Store. He acquired countless comic books, eventually making this comic art a hobby.  The hobby grew into a thriving business that continually features world-celebrated authors like Ms. Giovanna Casotto. And if you ever marvel at the “Pete the Nose” moniker, “Pete the Nose” loves the name. Your first meeting with him is enough to give you the perfect reason why he has that name. In the comic art world, “Pete the Nose” is proudly and always called, “Pete the Nose.”


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