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Total Marketing


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CityNation provides Total Marketing Systems - FREE to the Small Retail Businesses in America
(This is a  World-Class, Unique and Powerful Marketing System)

Here is what the "CityNation Total Marketing System" is all about.

The CityNation Total Marketing System is exclusively for:
     Small Retail Businesses in the USA (Mom and Pop Retail Businesses)
     Business Brokers.
     Insurance Brokers.
     All suppliers to the Small Retail Businesses

You get these 3
powerful Marketing Systems

1) “CityNation Advertising, Marketing, and Promotional System”
This provides over $140,000 worth of Premium Adverting, Marketing, and Promotional Services every year. You can also offer these to your business clients, customers, and vendors, which will keep growing your and their business.

2). “The Unlimited Business Growth System”
This provides the Management for your customized installation and operation of your Total Marketing System. This System is built into the Total Marketing System.

3)CityNation Total Marketing System”
As a Local Dealer, you can offer all of this to your business clients, customers, and vendors, which will keep growing their business for as long as they want. CityNation will pay you for each new account that you obtain.

You become our Local Dealer and help the Small Retail Businesses in America grow their business.

Here are some highlights

Note: The following benefits also refer to your Clients, Customers, and vendors that obtain the Total Marketing System.

1) You get 2 FREE Sales Representatives that promote your business throughout your area.

2) You will get the CityNation Total Marketing System, FREE.

3) You can offer this to your Clients and Customers, who will also get this, FREE.

4) This will keep growing your Business, for as long and as big as you want.

5) This Marketing System is FREE – and even makes you a profit.

6) Experienced Sales Representatives will be eager to join your business.

7) This will substantially increase the growth and profitability of your Business.

8) This also provides a second income to you and your Sales Representatives.

9) And yes, you can get all of this, FREE.

For Business Brokers

Your Brokerage can be a key player to help rejuvenate and start expanding the Small Retail Businesses in America.

Your Seller-Clients can get this Marketing System which immediately increases the value of their business.

Your Business Buyer-Clients can immediately start growing their business.

Your Business Brokerage can now offer a unique product that enhances the buying and selling of businesses.

You would become one of our Dealers, at no cost to you.

This will dramatically expand your Business Brokerage.

You would provide our powerful and unique CityNation Total Marketing System, which includes over $140,000 worth of Advertising, Marketing, and Promotional Services - to the Small Retail Businesses, FREE.

As a Business Broker, you have all the experience needed to help the Small Retail Businesses in America.

We will promote you as an official source for obtaining this Total Marketing System, FREE.

To get started, please contact Roland or press one of the Red Buttons as shown at the bottom of this page.


This makes your Business unique and will attract more clients and customers.

This is designed to improve your prospecting of new Business accounts.

Your Business can offer this unique product to other Small Retail Businesses.

No other marketing company offers anything like this.

This will completely eliminate those “slow-times” for prospecting.

This Total Marketing System is a quick and easy “Door Opener” for prospecting by Telemarketing and by visiting local businesses.

Your Prospecting will become so much easier and more profitable.

How you as a Dealer make money
from this Total Marketing System

Every tine that you provide the “CityNation Total Marketing System” to another Small Retail Business, this will start growing their business and increase their profits.

CityNation will then pay you a Royalty Income, which will offset some of your monthly payments for the Total Marketing System.

In addition, every time your Sales Representatives obtain a new Account, you are paid a Residual Income.

How Can The
“Total Marketing System”

The basic foundation for making this FREE, lies in the mathematics of Set Theory. When we identified all the things that go into this entire Total Marketing System, and put them in Companion Sets, plus we had the goal of providing everything FREE, the result gave us an important clue to the next step. 

To solve this problem, we had to go beyond the Standard Set Theory, and include some non-related mathematical objects with their principal rules and theories, so as to include all of the required full scope of the “Total Marketing System.”

As such, we created a new branch of Set Theory, which provides a new method for creating organized solutions to complex business management problems using both mathematical elements and non-mathematical elements. We named it the Coblenz Advanced Set Theory.

[Side-Note: We named it thus, mainly because the inventor of the original Set Theory was Georg Cantor in 1873, a German mathematician – and the inventor of this new branch of Set Theory is of German heritage – and one of our Rocket Scientists who developed this Total Marketing System.]

The The Total Marketing System's solution meets all of the Accounting Standards and Rules, IRS Regulations, and meets the normal goals of Business Cost and Profit Standards. In other words, this is completely legitimate and definitely not a “Bernie Madoff.”

Who are we

We are Ex-Rocket Scientists (retired).

We innovated and brought our astronauts to and from the moon. And also the Space Station and Apollo Shuttle.

So now, we are innovating and bringing the Small Retail Businesses in America to a new future - of growth and prosperity for their business.

This won’t have to cost you any money – and it’s going to be an exciting journey.

I am sure that you will enjoy this journey of growing your business and also helping the Small Retail Business in America Grow their Business.

We provide you with all of the Training, Advertising, Marketing, and Promotional Services to achieve your desired goals for your business.

But most important, at the end of the year
your bookkeeper will tell you
“This is amazing, you got everything entirely FREE - and you even made a profit.”

So, come aboard. And start making history. Just like we did for the Apollo Mission to the moon.
And, you too will find this to be very amazing and exciting.
Plus. you will be helping other Small Businesses grow their business too.

Please read all of this and see how your business will Blast Off and start growing like never before.

This is just our First Phase.

You will be proud when you see what else we have planned in our next phase.

And the last phase will be the new future for all Advertising, Marketing and Promotions throughout the world. It is coming soon. Our Team is one of the leaders.

Special Business Benefits

Here are major benefits that go way beyond
what any other marketing company would ever provide to you.
This will definitely make your Business Very Unique

#1. This is a separate business opportunity, which is an add-on to any Small Retail Business.
The “Unlimited Business Growth System” uses the “CityNation Total Marketing System” and provides these 9 additional benefits for you.
#2. The Total Marketing System provides an extra Income for your business.
#3. Which will make it easier for you to hire more Sales Representatives
#4. When the “Total Marketing System” and “The Unlimited Business Growth System” are implemented, this will instantly increase the value and the growth capability of your business.
#5. This makes your Business Very Unique. 
#6. This will bring more customers to your Business.
#7. You can get paid extra money while prospecting for new customers.
#8. You can build a Sales Team and each member could earn you an extra income.

#9. Studies show that Exceptional Customer Service
is 66% of your success.

This 40-year-old man created a $22 Billion empire just because of his Exceptional Customer Service.

CityNation will provide you with help for implementing this "Exceptional Customer Service Model"

This is what is going to make your business the greatest.







Need we say more?
This is the best deal ever

This puts your Business in a different class and at a higher level.

You can now expand your Business, like never before.

There is nothing else like this, for growing your Business.

CityNation provides the Training, Instructions, and Customer Service to you, your Clients, Customers, and anyone else that you give the Total Marketing System to.

Here is how you get
everything FREE

First, you need to have some Skin in The Game. This will give you the respect and enthusiasm for the Product, which is needed for your success.

Other marketing companies would charge you about $6,000 a month for this $140,000 Total Marketing System.

When our rocket scientist started to develop this Marketing System, he first established the required criteria. Part of which is "(1) The customer must have some skin in the game and  (2) the customer must end up at the end of the year - getting everything FREE."

Here is how he achieved this. Our Team is a bunch of wizards that know how to pinch pennies, and still produce a superior product. So, Mr. Rocket Scientist challenged us to come up with the lowest cost possible. We finally arrived at $260 per month as the lowest. Mr. Rocker Scientist took that $260 and did his magic, as follows:

Using his new invention of Advanced Set Theory, the Customer becomes a Dealer of the Total Marketing System. And the Sales Representatives produce the monthly revenue to completely offset the Customer's monthly $260 payments. As they say in the world of mathematics, "Simple and Elegant."

Thus, the customer gets everything FREE

At the end of the year, your Bookkeeper will tell you,” This is amazing. You got this Total Marketing System, entirely FREE. And, you even made a profit. I never heard of such a thing like this”

If you have any concerns

CityNation provides a 15-Days FREE Trial Period that you can use. During this15 days, you will be part of the installation and checkout of the Total Marketing System. You can cancel any time during the 15 days.

 Here is how to get started:

1) Call Roland at CityNation and get all the information you want - and Blast Off today or tomorrow.

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Our world-wide Team works Remotely
USA, Germany, England, Middle East

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