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CityNation Small Business Alliance
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Exclusive for
Small Mom & Pop Retail Businesses
And their Vendors

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This is the First Phase of our CityNation Miracle Marketing System
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to compete with Amazon, Walmart, the Big-Box Stores
and anybody else who gets in your way.

We exclusively offer this Marketing System to only the
Small Mom and Pop Retail Businesses,and their vendors in America.

This is the Largest, most complete, Premium Marketing System ever developed for the Small Retail Businesses.

Each year, this Marketing System will provide you with over $140,000 worth of continuous Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions throughout the entire year for your Business

This Marketing System can be automatically renewed every year

Your First Year of this complete CityNation Miracle Marketing System is
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Here is a short list of what you will receive in the CityNation Miracle Marketing System:

You get a FREE Sales Representative that is trained to promote your Business and Products all over your entire region. Additional FREE Sales Representatives can be obtained.

Should you need more, just ask.

You get unlimited On-Call help and customer service.

You will get a Promotional Website, with programs that attract new customers.

You provide Powerful FREE Raffles that attract many new customers.

You give Premium full-page internet Advertisements to local businesses, FREE. So they shop at your store.

You offer this same Miracle Marketing System to other Businesses, FREE.

You earn Royalty Income and Residual Income.

And there are a lot more of these Miracale Marketing Tools, FREE.

This Marketing System is like an umbrella - it can be customized and installed on any Small Mom & Pop Retail Business and their Vendor.

This is a 5 Year Miracle Marketing Program
Available to You FREE


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