Miracle Marketing System


The largest and most powerful
Marketing System
ever offered to Small Retail Businesses and Franchisees

Receive $140,000 per year worth of continuous Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions for your Franchise business.

5-Year Marketing Plan.
Receive a Total of $700,000 worth of Advertising, Marketing and Promotions.

Cost $490 per month.
Offset by Royalty & Resudal Income,
Dealership, and Grants
Becomes FREE

FREE Marketing Ambassadors.

Promotional Website.

Unlimited On-Call Customer Service and help.

Quarterly Marketing Tune-ups

CityNation and customer Team Collaboration.

Coupons and Contests that bring new customers.

Fantastic RAFFLES that bring you a mass of new customers.

Online Game that brings more customers.

 And So Much More.

For Your Franchise

This is an Add-On, customized and powerful Marketing System that will continuously promote your Franchise fot as long as you want.

You can throttle the amount of incomer and speed for otaining new customers.

Using the Quarterly Marketing Tune-Ups, you revise and upgrade your Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions - In collaboration with CityNation.

CityNation will help you create Marketing Campaigns that bring in new cstomers.

You Can Keep Growing Your
Franchise Business
For as long as you want

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Our world-wide Team works Remotely: USA, Germany, England, Middle East

Marketing Ambassadors

You start with One and can grow to 5 FREE Marketing Ambassadors.

You will visit local businesses, promote your Franchise Business, and offer the CityNation Miracle Marketing System to other small busineses.

You don’t sell. You just offer and explain.

You work from home, whenever you want.

You can earn an exceptional income, Part-Time.

And, you build a steady income as a source of retirement income in later years.

    Your Customer Service

Click on the above “We Can Do It.”

Customer Service is the most important part for growing your business.

CityNation also helps you provide a fantastic Customer Service for your customers.

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The Big Picture

Your Franchise
Will Blast-Off with a
New Fantastic Campaign

You and CityNation will work together to plan and organize your First Marketing Campaign.

Your FREE Marketing Ambassadors will start by visiting the businesses in your Marketing Area and giving away FREE Coupons.

And offering FREE Premium Advertising to selected businesses.  

Plus, setting up a spectacular Raffle that is sponsored by you and a local Chamber of Commerce or other organization.

At the same time, your Promotional Website will be featuring Coupons and a Contest that will bring you new customers.

Your First Marketing Program will continue for 2 months.

Your News Letter

The goal is to visit and contact as many people as possible. And to obtain their business card.

Later, CityNation will introduce you to a Monthly Newsletter that you should start. Currently, you should be building your email list.

News Letters help retain existing customers and build your Customer Base.

About Your Quarterly
Marketing Tune-Up

Marketing Tune Ups are extremely important so you can keep expanding and growing your business.

Both you and CityNation will be on a Zoom Conference  to review the past. And to plan the future growth of your business,

This is where you will keep learning, fine-tuning, exploring new ideas, and updating your Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions.

Special Bonus
Marketing Tune-Up


And, this is where you plan your
Marketing Campaigns.

Both you and CityNation will be working together like a Team and collaborating to improve every aspect of your Advertising, Marketing, Promotions.

This is how you will keep getting better results from your Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions. and continually growing your business.

15-Days FREE Trial Period
This is where you
that this is
what you really want.

Start Teaming With
Other Businesses

This is an excellent method of promoting your business.

CityNation will help you to get started with your Teaming.

CityNation can be a part of developing your Teaming.

CityNation can provide Advertising, Marketing, and Promotional elements for your Teaming.

Your Videos and Marketing

Videos can be a very important part of your Marketing.

CityNation will help you create videos about you, products, and why people should buy from you.

They will remember your videos for years.

Use your cell phone as the camera.

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