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Advertising Website (Complete Mini-Website)

The Complete Mini-Website

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Advertise and Promote Your Business
The Complete Mini-Website
Advertising Website
Business Page - Advertising Page - Products Page

The Complete Mini-Website

Complete Mini-Website► Custom Designed

► Guaranteed satisfaction

► Proprietary SEO Optimization

► Published in Advertising Network

► Promoted for 12 months

► Hosted on the Internet for 12 months

► Installed and maintained for 12 months

► Includes Domain Name, 1-year

► Options: Special Promotions

► Options: Special Updates and Advertising

Everything is included, nothing else to purchase for your website.
Plus, we promote your business for 12 full months.


3-Page Advertising Website (Complete Mini-Web)
Custom designed large web-pages - includes your Business Page, Advertising Page, and Products Page. Everything is includes in this Complete Mini-Website. There is nothing more to purchase. And, CityNation promotes your business for 12 full months. Huge savings in this Complete Mini-Web Package.

2-Page Advertising Website (Complete Mini-Web)

Custom designed large web-pages - includes your Business Page and Advertising Page. Provides special advertising and promotion of your business. Includes contact information, Links, custom design, installation, hosting, domain name, 12 months promotion, and renewed annually.


1-Page Advertising Website (Complete Mini-Web)

Custom designed large web-page - includes Business Description, Advertising, Products, and promotion of your business. Provides contact information, Links, custom design, installation, hosting, domain name, 12 months promotion, and renewed annually.

Custom Website Design Service
The Website with large pages is chuck full of features and is custom designed for your business. We emphasize maximum results for your business while at the same time we develop a rewarding website experience for your viewers. Website marketing enhancement is always a key factor in our design.

It's a Real Website
This is the most economical website for any business - and also includes advertising and promotional services for 12 months. We provide complete website design, Internet setup, and website installation on the Internet. We provide extra marketing of your website which is installed in our exclusive Website Advertising Network. You receive a fully operating website along with special advertising and marketing services not furnished by other website design companies.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We provide personalized design service and guaranteed satisfaction. You can make unlimited changes during the first 30 days. Everything is included in one low price. You can call our Design Specialist at any time to discuss revisions or improvements that you would like for your website. We even include website maintenance - which provides those minor website revisions that are needed from time to time. We are here to help you and your business, always.


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The Complete Min-Web
Advertise & Promote Your Business

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Custom Options for advertising and promoting your business - Expand the advertising and promotion of your business with the following options:

--- Additional Website Pages
--- eCommerce - Included in your website
--- Press Release - Written and Published
--- Articles - Written and published
Logo Design - Custom designed
--- Flyers - Designed for printing
--- Brochures - designed for printing
--- Special Internet Promotions
--- Custom Video Creation for your website

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CityNation Publishing Company
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