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Corporate Sales Managers

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CityNation-Advertising Home Sales Team
Sales Manager
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Build and Manage
 National Sales Team


--- Use your computer to recruit and manage a National Sales Team..

--- You can earn an incredibly large income.

--- Work at home, your own desired days and hours.

--- You can Keep Your Day Job.

--- We provide website, training, and ongoing support services.

--- This is a permanent position.

You Income
--- From sales of Advertising by the members of your Sales Team.
--- You also receive Profit Sharing.
There is no cost to you.

Just 10 part-time Sales Reps on your National Sales Team
who obtain only 3 sales per month
will earn you $72,000/year.
And, the second year with normal renewals
will earn you $126,000/year.

That's No Bull


This job is Great for:

--- Keep your current job, while you get started.

--- Stay at home Moms.

--- Want good steady extra income

--- Pay off Student Loans.

--- Retired person.

--- You want to buy a house for your family.

Apply Now
and start earning an incredible income
Join Home Based Marketing Business In-A-Box

"Best Home Job
 I have ever seen."

"Just 3 Sales of the Standard Advertising Package, per month by each of my Sales Team
earns me $72,000/year."

"Free Entry Level Training."

"I am retired. So, I only work about 4 hours a week. And, I make $36,000/year
from just 5 Team Members."

"CityNation will help me build my National Sales Team."

I love working from home, any time I want."

"I am retired and I enjoy meeting and talking to the business folks."

I am a Student and owe over $45,000 on my Student Loan. Now I can pay that off in one year."

"That's right, this is no bull."

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