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Marketing & Sales Manager

This is a permanent professional job. Work part time, your own desired hours, from home.

Note: If you are serious about this Job, you need to read this entire page - to make the best job decision in your life.

About CityNation-Advertising

CityNation-Advertising has developed a complete Marketing System that will Automatically Grow any Brick & Mortar Business to the next level and beyond. This powerful Marketing System is now available in our 12-Months Advertising & Marketing Campaign – which is sold to local businesses.

This amazing and powerful 12-Months Advertising & Marketing Campaign is the magic answer to the Corona Virus – which is causing hardships for the local Brick & Mortar businesses throughout the country.

The CityNation Advertising & Marketing Campaign will also help the Brick & Mortar Businesses squarely compete against the Big Corporations.

The heart of this amazing Marketing Campaign is our powerful online Advertising Service, which is fully loaded with all the essential features

Plus this Marketing Campaign also provides
Local, Regional, and Nation-Wide Sales Teams
with over 12 Sales Reps
Totally Free

The FREE Sales Teams promote the Brick & Mortar businesses and sell their Products. – locally, regionally, and nation-wide.

CityNation’s powerful 12-Months Advertising, Promotional, Marketing, and Sales Campaign is designed to grow the Brick & Mortar businesses to the next level and beyond.

The CityNation Advertising & Marketing Campaign
provides this absolutely best solution
to the Corona Virus problem
currently facing all local businesses
throughout the country.

And, local businesses can obtain this Totally FREE

CityNation trains and pays the Sales Reps in these Sales Teams. That’s right, we pay all the Sales Reps. Thus, the total cost to the local Brick & Mortal businesses for the entire Sales Campaign is extremely low and very affordable - and could even be obtained FREE.

This combination of our Advertising Services that we sell and the FREE Sales Teams - creates a unique and powerful “Marketing System” that will expand any local business at an considerably low cost.

Most important, CityNation offers a Special Plan that will enable any local business to obtain this complete 12-Months Advertising, Promotional, Marketing, and Sales Campaign – Totally FREE, year after year.

Thus, the local businesses can continue expanding their business – at little to no cost.

This is our latest and best Product that we now offer to local businesses. There is none other like this, anywhere in the USA.

CityNation has been publishing and selling advertising for over 30 years.

Job Description - Marketing & Sales Manager

You visit local businesses in your area – and just “explain” our advertising and marketing services.

Our product does the selling – you just explain our product.

Corona Virus Time – We recommend that you phone the prospects in advance and make appointments. We provide a phone-script.

When you visit the prospects, you give a short presentation about our very powerful 12-Months Advertising & Marketing Campaign and the FREE Local, Regional and Nation-Wide Sales Teams.

And, you also explain how their business can get 100% of the entire Marketing Campaign, Totally FREE, year after year.

Within 5 minutes. you would find out if they are seriously interested in obtaining this amazing Marketing Campaign.

You will be offering the greatest advertising and marketing opportunity ever offered to local businesses. There is no other advertising or marketing campaign like this.

For explaining the details and closing the sale, you will use our automatic Sales Presentation.

CityNation helps the customers get started with their FREE Sales Teams.

Also, you provide oversight supervision of the Customer’s Sales Teams.

IN THESE TUFF TIMES - You will be helping local businesses get new customers, grow their business, become a well-known Brand, and be able to successfully compete against the large corporations.

For almost all of the businesses you visit, this powerful Marketing System will be the only opportunity they will get - to grow their business to the next level. And, they will know it.


You must be able to cold-call and visit local businesses, learn our products, and be comfortable cold-calling and talking to the business managers.

You will vigorously seek local businesses to offer and sell this amazing Marketing Campaign to their company.

You will learn our CityNation BUZZ Marketing System that helps our Customers grow their business to the next level.

You have the ability to motivate the Customer’s Sales Teams so they produce more sales.

You will be responsible for tending to the daily needs of Customer Accounts and the Sales Teams.

A key aspect of this job is to consistently seek new Customer Accounts, help existing Customers and their Sales Teams, and keep in touch with CityNation HQ.

The right person for this job is comfortable cold-calling and showing the local businesses how this amazing Marketing Campaign will grow their business.


You earn income from the following:

1) From the Advertising & Marketing Campaigns that you sell to local businesses.
For example: You work part-time and obtain 1 or 2 sales/week –
You would earn $25,000 to $50,000/year

2) From the Advertising & Marketing Campaigns that your customer’s Sales Teams sell. From just 1 new account that you obtain per month, by years end -
You can earn over $10,000 per month

You can obtain up to 3 new Accounts per month -
You can earn over $30,000 per month

You work from home, your own desired hours.
This is a straight commission job. You work as an independent contractor.

CityNation-Advertising provides the Training, Instructions, Website, and Supporting Services.

This is a permanent job with plenty of growth and advancements for you.

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