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Corporate Sales Manager

You sell our "BUZZ Marketing System" to various Companies and help them build a Local or Nation-Wide Sales Team.

Actually, you give away the "BUZZ Marketing System" Totally Free.

The Companies include their Products and Services in the Selling Process of the "BUZZ Marketing System" along with our Advertising Packages.

The "BUZZ Marketing System" uses a World-Class selling system, recognized by universities and many corporations.

The Companies will now be able to significantly improve their sales results, at no additional cost.

In fact, since they will many time sell our Advertising Packages, both the Companies Sales Reps and the Companies - will receive additional income from the sales of our Advertising Packages.

Your Compensation. You are paid a Management Fee for each Advertising Package that is sold by the Companies.

Example of your Income.. You sign up an Insurance Broker with 8 Insurance Agents, who sell our Advertising Packages along with selling their Insurance..

Each Agent sells only 2 Advertising Packages per month,  You will receive $38,400/year - from just that ONE ACCOUNT.

And each year, your income from that ONE Account will keep growing, year after year from the average renewals..

Each Insurance Agents will earn $12,000/year extra income.

And, the Insurance Broker will earn $28,800 extra income for the first year.

Your Total Income for the year.. There are Thousands of Insurance Brokers. You should be able to obtain at least ONE or TWO New Accounts every month. You will earn at least $200,000 to $300m000/year.

So, you've got to ask yourself, "Is this worth studying, training, and working hard for ONE week just to get this job and start making this kind of money?"


Local Sales Manager

You work for CityNation-Advertising and sell our advertising services to local businesses in your area.

You will be using our world-class "7 Step Sales Process."

The "7 Step Sales Process" is recognized as the best sales "System" for direct sales.

You will also be using our automatic Sales Presentation and our powerful Special Closing Tools.

These will improve the sales of any salesperson.

You will be able to instantly give away extra Advertising and Services, totally free - and achieve a high rate of sales closing.

Compensation. You are paid $600 for every Standard Advertising Package that you sell (includes Profit Sharing). 

Example, Your Sales. Just 10 sales of our Standard Advertising Package per month - you will earn a total of $72,000. The  second year, based on average renewals, you should earn $125,000/year.

Manager of National Sales Team - CityNation will also help you build a National Sales Team.

Example, Your Sales Team Earns You Additional Income: With just 5 Members on your Sales Team. And, they each average only 4 sales per month. You receive a Management Fee of $48,000/year. The second year, with normal renewals,  you would earn $84,000/year.

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