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How Jamie Got Started About

This is a Press Release that CityNation recently published

CityNation-Advertising Starts New Jobs Program
for Older Workers in USA

CityNation-Advertising provides a unique Jobs program that hires and trains older workers in most major city in the USA.

CityNation provides advertising, social media services, and consulting to local businesses. The jobs are home based, work your own desired hours, part time or full time.

These are wonderful professional jobs that are friendly, interesting and even fun. If you like people, you will love these jobs.

CityNation provides Advertising, Social Media Promotional Services, and Consult to local businesses.

We primarily help local businesses get more customers and grow. We have been doing this for over 30 years.

Best Home Based Marketing Job. High income, your own hours.Our studies have shown that the best workers for our type of jobs are older individuals, 50 and above. Both men or women.

Our Local Representatives wear 2 hats. In addition to consulting, they also sometimes roll up their sleeves and do some of the actual marketing work for their customers, such as prepare the entire advertisement or produce the actual social media promotions.

What make this job fun and successful is that our Local Reps are showing and helping the local businesses how to expand and grow. This job requires certain knowledge and training. And, that's what we provide to our Local Reps,

Much of the needed knowledge is just plain good common sense. And the older you are, the more common sense you have. However, good common sense takes a long time to teach. So the best solution is - hire older workers who have already learned their good common sense.

Furthermore, our jobs are very suitable to exactly what the older workers are looking for. Our Local Rep jobs are work your own desired days and hours, visit local businesses, give away some free advertising, and show the businesses how to obtain more customers through advertising and social media promotions.

Very friendly. Anybody can do this job. If you are friendly, have good common sense, and you like people - you will be successful. That, and the training we provide is all you need.

Another job we have available for older workers - is a completely 100% stay at home Recruiter job. You can work your own desired hours, day or night.

You recruit new Local Reps from all over the USA. Primarily, you use your computer and your social media connections. And, of course. we recommend that you primarily recruit older workers.

Incidentally, everything is furnished to you totally free, regardless how many hours you decide to work. Our Training Program is continual.

The Training starts with a Starter Kit which you receive when you join.  This includes training videos and written instructions.

This is followed up with teleconference training sessions. And, this is further followed up with periodic individual training sessions via teleconference. We also provide weekly podcasts which include a variety of training sources.

Plus, each Local Rep receives continual training, help - and mentoring from their Local Supervisor.

What makes this so unique is the variety, availability, and the sources of training - plus the mentoring which you receive. Not to mention - this is all furnished to you totally free.

If you are an older worker looking for extra money and a good job, you definitely need to look into our jobs and training program for older workers..

About CityNation-Advertising. CityNation started over 30 years ago and has created, printed, and distributed our own local publications, franchised some of our publications, and created various online publications.

CityNation-Advertising offers Independent Marketing, Consulting, and Recruiting Representative jobs for individuals anywhere in the USA.

Learn more and apply at www.CityNation.com.

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