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Insurance Brokers & Agents

Unlimited: Leads - Appointments - Sales
Totally FREE

New Revolutionary System of Selling Insurance
Build Local & State-Wide Sales Teams
"All Totally Free"

You Don't Pay Us - We Pay You

Obtain This, Totally Free
"BUZZ Marketing System" For Your Insurance Brokers & Agents

1) You set the limits of number of Leads, Appointments, and Sales you want.
2 )You can build any size Local and/or State-Wide Sales Team.
3) Hire as many insurance agents or Reps as you want for your Sales Team.
4) CityNation pays the Members of your Sales Teams (you do not pay them)
5) We provide the Marketing Tools, Training, and Support Services.
6) You and your Sales Team can quickly start earning extra money.
7) Most every business in town will want you to visit them.
8) You help every business get a Full-Page Premium Advertisement for 3-months, FREE.
9) Re-visit the businesses any time you want, to close the sale for insurance.
10) Provides 3 new sources of income - from business advertising.
11) Designed to help you make friends with the owners and managers of the businesses.
12) Designed to help you easily sell more insurance to businesses and their employees.

CityNation "BUZZ Marketing System"


Insurance Brokers & Agents


Unlimited: Leads - Appointments - Sales

Totally FREE

Join NOW and get your
"BUZZ Marketing System"

In just a few months, you will get more Leads - Appointments - Sales from the local businesses and their employees, and have your own local and State-Wide Sales Teams that earn you a substantial additional income.

All this, from the Powerful "BUZZ Marketing System" Totally Free.

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- and learn how you can sell more insurance and build a Local and State-Wide Sales Team - Totally Free, with no money out of your pocket.

You also receive FREE
Premium Full-Page Advertising
for your Insurance Broker or Agent Business
 in 2 of our online publications

You manage your Full-Page Advertisements. You can include and revise them when and however you want.

The BUZZ Marketing System can provide you with 3 new sources of income.

About CityNation-Advertising. For over 30 years, we have been producing publications and selling Advertising in our publications.

Our latest Product, the BUZZ Marketing System, has been designed as an “Add-On Product” so Insurance Brokers/Agents and Outside Sales Reps can use our powerful BUZZ Marketing System – to dramatically improve the sales of their own Products - plus provides 3 additional sources of income.

Your Local
and State-Wide Sales Teams

You can have Insurance Agents and also include regular Sales Representatives as Members in your Sales Teams.

The Sales Reps provide you with Hot Leads for selling your insurance - as well as providing free and other advertising services to businesses. Keep in mind, you can have as many Members as you want - at no cost to you.

What You can Earn from your Sales Teams. Sign up and learn more. We will show you how just a small Sales Team of only 5 part-time Members can earn you over $80,000/year.

Of course you can have many more than just 5 Members in your Team.

And, you don't pay your Sales Team Members. CityNation-Advertising pays them.
So, what are you waiting for? Sign Up NOW.

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