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NEW - Powerful

"BUZZ Marketing System" for Insurance Agents

"BUZZ Marketing System"

New Revolutionary System of Selling Insurance

Get this FREE "BUZZ Marketing System" for Insurance Agents - Right Now.
You will get more Leads, sell more Insurance, meet more people who want to talk to you about your insurance, provides another product to offer every business, and makes you more well-known in your community - as the "go-to" person for insurance.

Plus, provides 2 more sources of income, enables you to build a large Team of Sales Reps that bring you more Leads for your insurance, pays you additional income, and enables you to build a National Marketing Team that pays you a substantial income every month.

CityNation-Advertising shows you how it works, helps you get started, provides you the Marketing Tools, and furnishes you continual Support Services.

And, this is furnished Totally Free to you.

Start Today
Bring Your Insurance Sales
To The Next Level

As an Insurance Agent, this will:

   Enable you to provide a Full-Page Advertising to Local Businesses, Totally Free.
      (This provides the doorway you need - to offer insurance to everyone in their company.)

   Provide you with more leads for selling Insurance.

   Provide you additional income from selling our Advertising Services to Local Businesses.

   Enable you to sell other services, such as Social Media Services, to the Local Businesses.

   You can build a Local Marketing Team that provides you more Leads to sell your Insurance.

   You can build a large National Marketing Team that can earn you a substantial income.

And, this can build a steady Monthly Retirement Income for you. Plus, you can move anywhere and still receive this Monthly Retirement Income.

CityNation-Advertising will help you do all of this.

You get the BUZZ Marketing System, - and the Training, Marketing Tools, and Support Services - Totally Free.

If you want more Insurance Sales
You have got to get this BUZZ Marketing System

In just a few months, you can be well known and be friends with 100 to over 200 local businesses and their employees, have your own local Marketing Team that continually provides you Hot Leads for selling insurance, and have a growing National Marketing Team that earns you a steady income every month.

All this, from the Free BUZZ Marketing System.

The Free Full-Page Advertising. We teach you how to sit down with the business owners or managers and have a friendly chat about their business - which you will advertise for them Totally Free in one of our publications.

You get to know each other. And, you discuss the powerful paid Advertising they can obtain – and you talk about your Insurance benefits. Two friends talking about their business, helping each other.

Your Marketing Team. You can have as large or small of a Marketing Team as you like. We provide Marketing Tools for you to recruit new Members to your Marketing Team, from anywhere in the USA.

You supervise and motivate the Members in your Marketing Team. They work for and get paid by CityNation-Advertising - and are assigned to you. You do not pay them. CityNation pays them, provides their Training, and provides their Support Services. The more Members on your Marketing Team, the more money you can make.

And, you don't have to worry about paying the members in your Marketing Team - we pay them.

This is the most Powerful
Revolutionary Marketing Program
for Insurance Sales
ever created

You can even recruit someone else to run the BUZZ Marketing System for you. And, you will receive all the Insurance Leads. PLUS, you receive a portion of the income from their Advertising sales.

You get a permanent. License to use and receive the Marketing and Support Services of the BUZZ Marketing System. There are no quotas or goals to meet. You can use the BUZZ Marketing System as much or as little as you want.

Training - We train you on how best to use this new marketing system for selling more Insurance and providing you a substantial additional source of income. Our Training is provided via Tele-conference, emails, Instructional documents, Internet, and Videos.

Free Website. We Host and Customize a website we provide for you. Plus, you can include your Insurance Agent Services and other information.

You also receive FREE
Full-Page Advertising for your Insurance Agent Services
 in 2 of our online publications

Compensation. You receive commissions from the Advertising that you sell plus from the Advertising sales of the Members your Marketing Team that you recruited. You will also receive income from our Revenue Sharing Program.  This can provide a very substantial income for you.

About CityNation-Advertising. For over 30 years, we have been producing publications and selling Advertising in our publications.

Our latest Publishing Product has been designed as an “Add-On Product” so Outside Sales Reps and others can use our powerful BUZZ Marketing System – to dramatically improve the sales of their own Products and also receive 3 additional sources of income.

There is no cost to you. We provide the BUZZ Marketing System, Training, and Support Services to you Totally Free.

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