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According to Forbes Magazine:
“In Business, you're either growing or you're dying.”

In recent years, most Small Retail Businesses in America have not been growing. Instead, they are struggling to stay alive.


You can start this amazing One Year Advertising & Marketing Program, for only $24 per week.

CityNation provides the tools and the guidance for you to grow your business, at any speed you want, fast or slow.


The CityNation customized and powerful One-Year Advertising & Marketing Program includes the following 2 main parts:

--- You get a Promotional Website, which includes Online Advertising and Promotional Programs.

--- You also get FREE Sales Teams and FREE Sales Representatives, which promote your business and sell your products.


You can grow your business, either fast or slow, depending on the size of your Sales Teams that you obtain.

CityNation provides professional help and guidance for you to get started.


Here are the typical steps in getting started to grow your business:

1) Develop a Plan of Action and identify the desired grow level.

2) For your Promotional Website, identify the Advertising and Promotions.

3) For your FREE Sales Teams, determine the number of Sales Representatives, their duties, and their Territories.

4) Identify the Marketing and Promotional material that your Sales Representatives will use.

5) Identify the Theme and overall method of Marketing and Growing your business. Such as press release, your customer service.

And, flyers and brochures, coupons, contests, presentations to Rotary and Chamber.

And, advantages and benefits as a CityNation Dealer, developing a large Regional Territory for your FREE Sales Representatives, developing a unique Raffle System that attracts new customers, to mention a few.


As you can see, this is the Real Deal. You can grow your business to any level that you want. You can even start a second location for your business. Or, a Chain.


And, it can all start for just $24 or $48 per week.

 How BIG can you grow your business?


With 2 FREE Sales Representatives, your business could growth 50% to 75% by year-end.

Usually, 4 Sales Representatives will be enough to grow your business 100% within a year.

But this depends on many things. Such as the  Sales Representative's range or territory, your Coupon Program.

And, your online Contest Program, the size and location of your facility, the quality of your customer service, your products, the Flyers that you and your Sales Representatives pass out, the setup and interior of your business, and so much more.

Your growth mostly depends on having a Sales Team and having a Promotional Website. These 2 work together and will produce most of your growth.

Basically, our Marketing System brings you the customers, and gives you the guidance and tools to welcome and please the customers. We both have to do our parts in growing your business.


Start a second business location

This amazing Marketing Program is ideal for starting a new business, or a second location for your existing business.


Have you ever hired a Sales Team?

It takes time to learn how to get the best results from your Sales Representatives.

CityNation provides the initial Training of your Sales Representatives. And, we offer continuous training.


We recommend that you get at least 4 Sales Representatives for starters.

And, we recommend that you assign 1 Sales Rep to be your Manager.

CityNation will provide the guidance that you may need for setting up and optimize your Sales Teams.



Growing your business requires a systematic approach to operating your business.

This mostly involves your marketing, your customer service, and the appearance of your facility.

This can be the décor of your restaurant, the quality of your products, your superior customer service, your sales organization, or all of these.

The key element is to develop a system that automatically brings new customers that will want to buy from you, again and again.

But above all, it must be consistent and continuous.

You can start a very good professional Marketing System that is consistent and continuous, for only $24 per week.


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