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How We Work Together

This advertising and publishing Franchise is designed so you own the local business. You handle all the local advertising and we handle the publishing and website setup and maintenance. This arrangement simplifies your job and enables you to make more money.

The total business is divided into 2 parts. You handle all the local advertising and we handle the publishing and website operation. We help you with almost everything you do. We help you with the initial setup of the business. And, we help you with every phase of operating the business.

We work together on every issue of the publication. Here are just some of the functions we help you with, we work together on, or we create for you:

Initial setup of your Franchise business.

Startup support services.

Sales and marketing literature.

Design of the advertisements.

Design and layout of each publication.

Producing each issue of the publication.

The free advertising for your customers.

Website management.
Advertisements placed on your website.
Expanding your publication.

Professional business consulting service for you.

See Features page for Franchise features and options.


If you want the income and enjoyment of owning a professional business in the advertising and publishing industry, whether you just graduated, are in sales or advertising, if you need steady extra income - or if you are a business investor - you should seriously explore the advantages of owning a FunFacts News exclusive Franchise.




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Local Franchise Advertising Business Opportunity


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