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Franchise Support Services

One of the most crucial aspects of starting any Franchise business is the setup help that your Franchisor will, or will not, provide to you. Unfortunately, most Franchisors treat the startup as not something they need to personalize just for you. This forces you to conform to their methods, style, and setup - often at the expense of your natural abilities and desires.

We provide personalized setup for your Franchise business. As much as possible, we tailor the business to meet your management style and goals. We try to set up the business to accommodate the hours you want to work, allow plenty of time for vacations, meet your income goals, allow expansion if you want, furnish the type of marketing support that you need, provide free advertising that you can offer to all advertisers, and much more.

Start-up support

During the process of you purchasing the Franchise, we work with you to establish the best location for your exclusive Territory. You can select full or part time management of your business, size of the publication, and income level.

The setup support is tailored as much as possible to your style of operating the business. The training is personalized for you so you will learn everything needed to start and operate the business. The marketing and sales literature is designed based upon your input and your style of presentation. The startup phase is based upon your desired schedule. Classroom training is available in Los Angeles, California. Additional training is always available and provided via teleconference, online, emails, PDF files, and video. Unlimited professional business consulting advice is available to you at any time and covers every aspect of your business.

Ongoing Support Services

Your main job is to obtain new advertisers and manage existing advertisers for your publication. Your other important job is money management. The advertisers pay you in advance, for 3 or more months of advertising. You will typically have a few thousand dollars in advance payments. You must keep good accounting records and proper spending habits.

For ongoing operational support, we continually work with you to improve your marketing and sales methods and techniques, provide additional or revised marketing literature for you to use, help you expand your business, develop new methods of giving away the free advertising, modify your website, and develop new marketing tools for you to use. Weekly teleconferences are provided and cover such subjects as training, marketing, sales, current status, and growth.

Management Support Services

One of the most important support services we provide is Management Support. This includes helping to set up your business, managing money, marketing, sales, hiring sales staff, and expanding your business.

In every business, you need to obtain the advise from an expert who has been there and done that. And, you especially need the advise from an expert to make sure that you make the right business decisions - and that you avoid making the wrong decisions.

For example, we recommend, for most people, that you start the business so it operates the easiest way possible for you. Do not make it complicated. Thus, we recommend that you start with only 2 issues per month. It only takes a few months for the average person to learn this business. And, that’s when you should start expanding. There are various ways that you can expand your business. You can expand by increasing the number of issues per month of the publication. Or, you can hire a sales manager to run an additional Territory that you obtain. We advise you on all the various methods of expanding so you can proceed and grow at your best pace.  

See Features page for Franchise features and options.

If you want the income and enjoyment of owning a professional business in the advertising and publishing industry, whether you just graduated, are in sales or advertising, if you need steady extra income - or if you are a business investor - you should seriously explore the advantages of owning a FunFacts News exclusive Franchise.

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