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Franchise Help and
With our exceptional help and support services, it's easy for you to get started as a FunFacts News advertising and publishing franchisee in your local area. And, the special training enables almost anyone to operate the business. Plus, you receive 3 powerful sources of income. You manage the local advertising and we produce the publication. Simple. And, easy to manage.

Enjoy the income advantages provided by our new Version 4 of the FunFacts News business. Includes both printed FunFacts News publication and a companion advertising website that provides more income. This is one of the best Franchises. No prior business experience is needed.

This Franchise is specifically designed to provide a professional business career for recent graduates, provides a solid future and growth for advertising and sales professionals, and provides extra income for retired individuals. Options are available for full or part time setup, high income growth, rapid expansion with additional Territories, absentee ownership, or as strictly a business investment with high ROI.   FunFacts News Franchise Information

Do You Qualify?
Getting qualified is a 2-way streak. You need to determine if this business is right for you. And, we need to determine if you are qualified for this business. This process of review may take a few weeks.
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About the FunFacts News
The original publication started over 25 years ago. Version 4 for this Franchise business includes new features and 3 sources of income. Learn how you can become a franchisee.

Franchise is Setup for Your Lifestyle
This franchise includes various options that can fit most any lifestyle, from part time income to expanded full time high income and growth.

How We Work Together
This advertising and publishing business is designed so you own the local publication. We work together like business Partners. You handle all the local advertising and we handle the publishing and website operations. This simplifies your job so you can produce greater results.

Your Investment
This Franchise features a moderately low investment amount and a quick return on your investment. Additional Franchises are only $4,000.

For Business Investors
We offer a special Investor Program for 5 Franchises. We offer Grouped Franchise setups which enable you to enjoy very high ROI on low investments.

Franchise Locations
See list of available locations for this franchise.

Take The Next Step and Apply
The best way to get more information is to apply. One of our senior staff will phone you to answer all your questions and provide additional information about this Franchised business.

Features and Options
Includes 24 major Features and Options, such as 3 sources of income, work full or part time, expand your business, and special training that enables almost anyone to operate this Franchised business.

About This Franchise
Own a local advertising and publishing business. Learn about 24 the major features. We produce the publication and you manage all the local advertising. Easy to operate. High profit. Full or part time. Includes 3 income sources. Franchise is tailored to your lifestyle. Our first local publication was produced over 25 years ago.

Professional Career
Enjoy a professional career as owner and Publisher of your own local publication (which we produce for you). Meet and talk to other business owners. Provide fundraising in your community using your FunFacts News. Become a member in business organizations. You will be recognized as a leading business owner and the Publisher of a local publication.

Franchise Support Services
We provide extensive support services for every aspect of this business, including support for Startup, Operations, and Expansion of your business.

How Much Money You Can Make
We are not allowed to tell you exactly how much you can earn. We have, however, provided a graphic chart that gives you a good estimate.

If you want the income and enjoyment of owning a professional business in the advertising and publishing industry, whether you just graduated, are in sales or advertising, if you need steady extra income - or if you are a business investor - you should seriously explore the advantages of owning a FunFacts News exclusive Franchise. FunFacts News Franchise Information

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Local Franchise Advertising Business Opportunity

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