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As the owner and Publisher of your own local publication (which we produce for you), you are recognized as a leading business owner in your community. The doors are open for you to participate in community events and organizations.

This is an excellent business career opportunity and is specifically designed as a professional career for recent graduates, advertising professionals, retired and want a part time income, entrepreneurs, absentee owners, and the investor who wants to own a business investment.

As a franchisee of a single unit, you are the owner and Publisher of a local publication. Every business person in your community will soon get to know about you. Should you join the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, or Lions Club, your name will become even more well known. Using your publication, you can head up or help in local fund raising.

The publication itself will become popular throughout your community. The publication's story content helps the FunFacts News become more popular. People take it home, show it to friends, talk about the stories to their friends. Children have taken it to school and teachers have shown it to their class. Some teachers have used the FunFacts News for classroom Show-And-Tell and talked about the historical facts that are written in the FunFacts News. The FunFacts News becomes one of the most popular publication in the community.

And, you are the owner and Publisher of the publication.

See Features page for Franchise features and options.

If you want the income and enjoyment of owning a professional business in the advertising and publishing industry, whether you just graduated, are in sales or advertising, if you need steady extra income - or if you are a business investor - you should seriously explore the advantages of owning a FunFacts News exclusive Franchise.






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