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Our basic requirements for you to join are: (a) We want you to determine if this Franchise is right for you and (b) We will do our best to determine if you would be successful. If both of us honestly believe that this Franchise would be successfully managed by you, and you have the financial resources to purchase this Franchise, than we will offer the Franchise. Upon receipt of your full payment and the signed Franchise Agreement, we send you the Franchise Startup Package, schedule your training, and begin the process of setting you up in this home-based advertising and publishing business.

Training is scheduled and proceeds according to your pace. Training takes about 3 weeks to complete. Additional training is provided, if desired. Upon completion of your initial training, you should be ready to walk into any local business in your exclusive Territory and talk to the owner or manager about their advertising in your local publication. You talk about all the free advertising they can receive and you offer them your special advertising program for their business.

The procedure to obtain this Franchise is:

Step 1. After you read everything on this website, please fill out the Application below to learn more and get started.

Step 2. We review your Application and determine if you are initially qualified. We phone you, describe the Franchise in detail and if are still still qualified and are ready to go forward, we send you additional information to get started.

Step 3. Next, we phone you after you have read all the additional information we sent to you. If we both agree that you are qualified, we both sign the Franchise Agreement and you furnish the payment for the Franchise.

Step 4. We than send you the Franchise Startup Package and schedule your training. Upon completion of training, you proceed right into visiting local businesses and offering them the advertising in your publication.

Should you have any questions, please contact Roy Johnson at (805) 744-3067 or We do not share your information with anyone except as needed by our staff.

Please fill out the Form below and provide your resume.

Franchise Application

Full Name
Mailing Address   Apt or Suite # 
City, State, ZIP Code

Home Phone     Work Phone 

Cell Phone     Email Address

I'd prefer to be contacted by...
Cell Phone  Home Phone  Work Phone

The best time to call is

Do you have any sales experience?  YesNo

Sales Type

Have you ever sold advertising?  YesNo

If approved, when would you like to begin training?

How did you hear about CityNation's Franchising opportunity?

Educational Background

Highest Education Achieved
College Degree or Higher  Some College  High School/GED 

School Attended      Years 

Degree or Grade Attained 

School Attended      Years

Degree or Grade Attained

Current or Last Employment

Company Name

Nature of Business

Job Title

Number of Years with Organization    Start Date    End Date

Company Address

City, State, ZIP Code


Franchise Operation (FunFacts News)

Do you plan on working full time or part time  FullPart
Do you want more than 1 Franchise/Territory  YesNo
Do you want to buy Franchise as investment  YesNo

Business Experience and Financial Information

Have you ever been involved with a franchise system?  YesNo

If so, list name and involvement:

Have you ever owned a business?  YesNo

Have you ever failed in business or filed bankruptcy?  YesNo

Are there any lawsuits pending against you?  YesNo

Are the funds required for this business available to you?  YesNo

Gross Income  $

Your Individual Total Net Worth  $

Start Franchise Business  Yes
Start Investor Program    Yes

Please enter your resume or work experience.


I understand that my information will remain confidential and will only be used in conjunction with my application for purchasing the Franchise.

I also declare that all information I receive from CityNation Publishing Company regarding their Franchise advertising business opportunity will remain confidential and that I will not disclose or use such information to or with any potential or existing competitor.

We will phone you, provide more information, and help you get started.

If you want the income and enjoyment of owning a professional business in the advertising and publishing industry, whether you just graduated, are in sales or advertising, if you need steady extra income - or if you are a business investor - you should seriously explore the advantages of owning a FunFacts News exclusive Franchise.

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