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You can own an exclusive local advertising and publishing business in your area. We produce the publication and you manage all the local advertising. This makes it easy for you to operate the business. Provides high profit and can be arranged for full or part time operation. Includes 3 income sources. The Franchise can be tailored to your management style. This Franchise is the new Version 4 of the FunFacts News advertising and publishing business. We started over 25 years ago.

What makes this Franchise so different than others? A lot of things! Here are a few:

  1. The Franchise can be set up for most any management style, such as: Full time, part time, fast growth, absentee owner, individually operated, hired sales staff, family operated, or strictly a business investment.

  2. No other company can provide the full extent of free advertising that this Franchise business allows you to offer to every customer.  This makes it real easy for you to obtain new advertisers.

  3. Your advertising rates are among the lowest in any region.

  4. You receive unlimited personalized professional business advice, for every aspect of operating your business.

  5. You operate the business at your own pace. When you start, we arrange the business to accommodate the hours you want to work and the income level you desire.

  6. This Franchise is designed so you can work only 3 weeks per month - yet earn the same as if you worked every week throughout the year. Part time, you can work 2 weeks or less per month.

This is a great family business. Get your kids involved. Provides extra income for your kids going to school. Or, buy a Franchise for your new son-in-law who needs a good job. It will make your daughter happy. And, it will likely save you a lot of money in the long run.

This is what makes you successful in this business:

You pass out the brochures to local businesses.

And, you answer their questions about the advertising.

You provide the follow up as needed.

Thatís it.

The more businesses you visit, the more advertisers that will join and the more money you will make.

Simple. Itís a fact.

See Features page for Franchise features and options.

If you want the income and enjoyment of owning a professional business in the advertising and publishing industry, whether you just graduated, are in sales or advertising, if you need steady extra income - or if you are a business investor - you should seriously explore the advantages of owning a FunFacts News exclusive Franchise.

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Local Franchise Advertising Business Opportunity

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