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Use Your Social Media skills and Earn $200,000/year from home
Social Media
Home-Based Business Opportunity

Use your Social Media skills to earn over $200,000 per year.

CityNation-Advertising helps you get started, provides the tools, website, training, and the “Marketing System” you need.

We furnish you everything you need – Free.

And, you can keep your day job - start this business in your spare time.

Watch your business grow - than quit your day job - when you approach $200,000 per year.

Here is How You Can
Earn Over  $200,000/Year

Here is what you can do in your spare time, AT or FROM home,
to start earning over $200,000 per year.

Recruiter - You can use your Social Media skills to Recruit Sales Reps and build a small or large Sales Team. Each Sales Rep can earn you $12,000 to $24,000 per year. Recruit Sales reps from anywhere in the country. We train and pay the Sales Reps. Your job is to supervise them.

Sales Rep - Or, you can visit the businesses in your local area and offer our special advertising services. You start by giving every business a Coupon for Free Advertising for their business, just to get acquainted.

Coupon - This is the best way to start - give away large Free Advertisements to local businesses.

Include your Social Media Services - Include your Social Media Services with the CityNation's BUZZ Marketing System of Advertising for Local Businesses. This will provide you with significant additional income. This is important since it can help you exceed the $200,000 per year income..

Build your income structure first - Whether you start as a Recruiter or Sales Rep, or both, is to build your basic structure of contacting people and/or businesses. After that, it is much easier to expand.

About our Advertising - We offer an "Integrated System" of advertising for every type of Local Business.
CityNation provides 5 Full-Page Custom Designed Advertisements for the price of ONE.
And, we include Special Features and Premium SEO with every Advertisement.
All in all, our Advertising Services include important free items and are a huge bargain for every business.

What's this Home-Business is like - This is somewhat like AMWAY or AVON, except you don't sell items to your friends: Instead, you earn a lot more money - and you do the following:
--- If you are a Sales Rep, you visit local businesses and give them Free Advertising which leads to selling them more powerful advertising for their business. And/or, you can also build a Sales Team that earns you more money.
--- Or if you are a Recruiter, you use your Social Media contacts and offer them a Home-Based Business as a Sales Rep or as a Recruiter. And/or, you can also build a Sales Team that earns you more money.

Get Started NOW - Just fill out the Application on this page. We will phone you to answer all your questions and help you get started. We will help you set up a home-business that is customized to your lifestyle and goals. We do not charge you. This is furnished to you free.

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Social Media
Home-Based Business Opportunity

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In My Own Words

Here Is How You Can
Earn Over $200,000/Year


CityNation has been in the publishing and advertising business for over 30 years. Initially, we started as a commercial printing company then changed into a publishing company. We designed and sold advertising in our own local publications.

Our next venture involved Franchising our publications in 26 states.

We recently created the Next Generation of Advertising products for Local businesses.

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