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Employment Opportunities

Outside Sales Representative

Location: Nationwide. (Work from your own home office)

Employee Type: Independent Contractor working either Full or Part Time

Commission: Full-Time: $100,000 - $200,000/year.
Part-Time: $25,000 - $100,000/year.

Job Summary

Sell advertising to local businesses in your area. And, build a large Local and National Sales Team. Receive exceptional Commissions and Profit Sharing.

CityNation-Advertising is seeking motivated, positive sales professionals with strong sales skills. Must be able to visit local businesses and interact with the Managers. And, must be able to build a small or large Sales Team. We provide everything you need, including the Marketing Programs that help you build your Sales Team.

What You Do

You offer Free Premium Online Advertising to every business you visit in your area. And, you sell our online Customizes Premium Full-Page Advertising to the businesses. You also build a large Nationwide Sales Team.

You use our BUZZ Marketing System which helps you obtain more sales, set the price of some of our Advertising, and you can give some services free. This makes it faster and easier for you to close the sales.

You earn a high commission from your ad sales, the ad-updates you sell, and the ads sold by your Sales Team. You can also receive exceptional income from our Profit-Sharing Program. Everything is furnished to you Totally Free.

What Makes this Marketing & Sales Job

To close the sale, you can give extra services free, you can include additional advertising at no additional cost to the customer, and you can reduce the price of some services. Thus, you are always able to provide the customer a Super Deal – which you can create right on the spot. You become the customer’s best friend in the advertising business.


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Nation-Wide Marketing & Sales

Business Opportunities

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This position provides you a lifetime career opportunity to establish your own Nation-Wide Marketing & Sales Business – either full-time or part-time. You can almost "name your income."

We will help you include your own Products and Services which you can sell to the Local Businesses and integrate with your Nation-Wide Marketing & Sales Team.

You use our BUZZ Marketing System to recruit as many Members you want for your Nation-Wide Marketing & Sales Team.

CityNation pays the Members in your Marketing & Sales Team. You do not pay them. We also provide their Starter Package, Training, and ongoing Support Services. Your job is to supervise and motivate the Members in your Marketing & Sales Team.

Because of your supervising and motivating, you receive an override commission from the sales produced by your Team Members that your recruited and supervise. The more you motivate, the more money you make.

Training is provided via phone, emails, online, videos and tutorials.

Support Services are provided as custom website, customized advertising Rate Schedule, customized marketing and sales literature, special training, how to include your own products and services, and much more.

Outside Sales Representatives
Exceptional Income
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About Your
Nation-Wide Marketing & Sales Team


On average, you could earn $5,000/year from just one of your Team Members that sell our Advertising Services.

You decide how much money you want to earn – and just build your Marketing Team to that size.

We show you exactly how to build a very large Nation-Wide Marketing & Sales Team – at no cost to you. And, we help you build your Marketing Team.

Your Marketing Team Members sell our Advertising Services in their Local Area and can build their own Nation-Wide Marketing & Sales Team. 


Compensation: Commission plus Profit Sharing.
Full-Time: Earn $100,000 to over $200,000/year. Part-Time: Earn $25,000 to over $100,000/year.

You receive commissions from the advertising sales that you obtain – and from the advertising sales obtained by the Members in your Marketing & Sales Team who you recruited. And, of course you also obtain the profits from your products or services that are sold by you and your Marketing & Sales Team. Earnings are paid to you weekly as an independent contractor with a 1099 form furnished at the end of the year.

Qualifications and Responsibilities


Comfortable in cold-calling and finding new prospects
Hard working and dependable
Good verbal, written, and presentation skills
Be proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
Strong understanding of customer and market dynamics and requirements
Proven ability to achieve goals and objectives
Experience in selling to local businesses.
Internet Social Media skills and experience.
Have sold advertising or have basic knowledge about Advertising.

Learn how to prepare and publish advertisements in our publications.
Develop your customer base by visiting all types of local businesses and providing Free Advertising.
Sell Advertising to Local Businesses.
Build your Nation-Wide Marketing & Sales Team.
Supervise and Motivate the Members in your Marketing & Sales Team.
Cold-call and prospect for new customers at least 15 hours a week.
Prepare, implement, and continually update a detailed Marketing Plan
Prepare and publish your Profile in one our publications.
Prepare and publish your Business Advertisement in 2 of our publications.
Maintain good records of your prospecting and sales
Provide Weekly Report to CityNation of your activities and results.
Obtain Weekly Reports from your Marketing & Sales Team Members.

Why Join

You Want Steady Good Income

You can earn average of $5,000 or more per year from just ONE of your active Team Members. You can recruit as many Team Members as you want. You sell our Advertising to Local Businesses on an annual renewable basis. You can include your own Products and Services. If you do not have your own Products or Services, we will help you create them – this helps you earn even more money.

Want to keep your current job while building a National Sales Team in your spare time

You can use your computer and build a large Nation-Wide Marketing Team with over 100 Members, FREE. Work evenings and weekends in your spare time. Use our Facebook Marketing Program and our other Marketing Programs. And, you still receive all the Training and ongoing Support Services.

Want to own a High-Income Business Can build a large Nation-Wide Marketing & Sales Team with over 100 Members, FREE.
Want to Pay-Off your Student Loans Work a few hours a week. in evenings. Build a small Marketing Team with other students as Team Members (they also earn money).
Want Extra Retirement Money Just 5 -10 Active Team Members are needed. After building your Marketing Team, only a few hours a month is required to supervise and motivate.
Want to Buy a House Build a Marketing Team with 20-30 active members. After you build your Marketing Team, this would be just a part-time job.
Want a Professional High Paying Career Determine the income you want. Build a Marketing Team to the size and income you want.
Want Extra Income 10 Active Team Members will provide good Extra Income. After building your Marketing Team, only a few hours a month is required.
Want to Move to Another City You can Sell your Local Advertising Business – and Keep your Nation-Wide Marketing & Sales Business. This provides money for the move and continued income in your new location.
Want a Nation-Wide Sales Team to sell your own Products. Can build a large Nation-Wide Marketing & Sales Team with over 100 Members, FREE.
  *Active Team Members sell our Advertising Services to local businesses in their area.

How to Apply

 Please Click Here and fill out the Form. Be sure to include your Resume. We will contact you to set up a time to phone you. During the phone call, we will  answer all your questions and help you get started.

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