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Part Time: Start earning $25,000 to over $50,000 per year part time as a Local Marketing Rep. Plus, earn $100,000 to over $200,000 per year by also becoming our Social Media Marketing Team Manager.

COUPON. This is all part of your free Home Business. And, we help you get started. Plus, we also provide all the Support Services Totally Free.

You receive Training and exceptional ongoing Support Services.

These are permanent part-time or full-time positions working from home or office, There is no cost to you.

We need Local Marketing Reps in every area of the country.

Your Job: As a Local Marketing Rep you visit local businesses in your area and offer our Advertising Services and your Social Media Services.

You can offer your Social Media Services to these business at rates which you establish. We will show you how.

For every business you visit, you first offer a free full-page advertisement - which quickly gets you and the customer get to know each other.

In addition, you will use our Buzz Marketing System which brings you even more customers.
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For your Home-Business, you get the Local Marketing Rep Home-Business and the Social Media National Marketing Team Home-Business. We help you get started and provide all the Training and ongoing Support Service. Totally FREE to you.

Social Media
National Marketing Team
Home-Business Opportunity

Start using your Social Media skills and you can earn $100,000 to over $200,000 per year at home.

You receive Training and exceptional ongoing Support Services.

We need Social Media Marketing Team Managers in every area of the country.

These are permanent part-time or full-time positions, Work-Your-Own-Hours at home. There is no cost to you.

About CityNation-Advertising: We provide advertising, social media services, and consulting to every type of local business.

Your Job: As a Social Media Marketing Team Manager you recruit, supervise, and motivate Local Marketing Reps and other Marketing Team Members from anywhere in the USA.

You use your computer and your social media skills to recruit new Members in your Marketing Team.

This is very much like building and managing an online Social Network, except every Member can earn substantial income part time or full time in this professional career.

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Marketing Team Leader - B2B advertising sales,
   And, build a Social Media Marketing Team.
   Work from home, any hours. $100K to over $200K/year.

Social Media Marketing Manager - Build a large National Marketing Team.
   Work AT Home. $50K to over $150K/year.

Part Time, Work Your Own Hours - Build a Social Media Marketing Team.
   And, market Advertising Services to Local Businesses. $50K to over $100K/year.


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Part time, your own hours $50K - $100K/year.
Full-Time, your own hours $100K - $200K/year.

 ● Keep your existing Job while you build your Home Business
 ● Work any time AT Home
 ● Or, work any time FROM Home
 ● Make BIG money using your Social Media skills
 ● Use your computer to build a huge Marketing Team
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Online Social Media Marketing Home-Business.
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Sell Advertising to Local Businesses
● Sell your Social Media Services to Local Businesses
 ● Use our Marketing System to Grow Your Existing Business

Partner with CityNation
 ● Get more customers for your existing Product or Service.



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