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Ralph Built the Future Life That He Desperately Needed

It seemed like out of nowhere that Ralph applied for the Sales Manager job.

He provided no real resume, but only listed a few prior jobs.

However, in the interview, he was very articulate and had plenty of knowledge about advertising, building many teams of workers, and knew all about sales.

Other than that, Ralph came from nowhere. Nevertheless, we decided to hire him because of his sales and advertising knowledge.

As for his pay, he wanted it to be sent to his email address via PayPal. Ralph never spoke about his family, friends, or his relatives. And, it seemed that he was always looking over his shoulder. Like he was expecting something or someone to get him

Nevertheless, everyone liked Ralph and he was an expert at sales. A real professional.

Word got around among the various Sales Reps that if you needed help on a difficult problem in sales and marketing, you should call Ralph. Ralph was giving so much help to everyone, he decided to conduct Saturday Zoom conference seminars. One Saturday for CityNation Sales Reps and next Saturday Zoom conference seminars for our Customers.

This went on for months. And, every once in a while, a sheriff would come to CityNation and ask if anyone knew this man – and the sheriff would show us a fuzzy picture of someone. We would always say, No. never saw a man like that.” We all wanted to protect Ralph.

Finally, we all got together and developed a plan. One of our customers was a makeup artist for a Hollywood movie studio. One of our Sales Reps went to the makeup artist and told him the story about Ralph. He said that he would help – and we should tell Ralph to come to his shop and see me.CityNation-Advertising, FREE Trained Sales Teams for your business

Ralf did go to the makeup artist and learned how to disguise himself. Ralph was even given a disguise kit. After that, every time we saw Ralph, he looked like a different person. Except, it was always a different movie stair.

During the process of hiding from the sheriff, one of our printers secretly took a picture of one of the sheriff’s. The printer gave the photo to one of our customers that was a detective.

The detective had a relative who was a policeman. So, the detective gave the photo to the policeman and asked him to see if they could match this photo to anyone. What they found was that the man in the photo was a member of a large drug gang – and he was not a policeman.

And also, the policeman said that the word is out that this drug gang is offering a reward to anyone who finds the witness to one of their killings – and gets rid of that witness, they will be paid $50,000 by the drug gang.

So that’s what is going on. Ralph is not involved in a divorce, like we thought. Instead, Ralph is hiding from the mob who is trying to kill him. That means that Ralph was a witness to a crime that the drug dealers committed. Wow, That’s a horse of a different color.

What that really means is that if the gang thinks that we are actually hiding Ralph, they might blow up our business and maybe kill us too. Now, that’s rally a horse of a different color. We need police protection.

Back to our police friend we went. Told him the story. And, asked him to see if we can get police protection. A few days later, he cam back and said, “No.” 

Back to some more planning, we went. We phoned one of our Sales Reps in New Jersey.
His father-in-law was a member in the biggest New Jersey mob. He will know what to do.
Nobody screws with the New Jersey mobs. Like, nobody.

CityNation-Advertising, FREE Trained Sales Teams for your business

So, here’s the plan.

The father-in-law, who was known as “Pete The Nose,” was not just a member of the New Jersey mob, he was their leader. Surprisingly, he was a really nice guy when it comes to Family. So, our New Jersey Sales Rep sat down with Pete The Nose and told him that one of his family members saw a killing by one of the drug dealers in Los Angeles – and that they were going to kill our family member.

Well, Pete The Nose hated drug dealers and besides, they were screwing with Family. Pete The Nose turned to our New Jersey Sales Reps and said, “Don’t you worry. I’ll take care of this. Get me the name and number of that drug dealer.”

As soon as Pete The Nose received the drug dealer’s name and number, he phoned him. Being the polite guy that he is, here is what Pete The Nose told the drug dealer. “I understand that you have a problem with some witness of sorts. And, you put the word out that you want him erased. I would like to give you a solution to that problem which I am sure will make you happy.

"I like that man" Pet said. He is a friend. In fact, he is one of our Family. We protect our Family. And, I am sure that you protect your family – and don’t want any shootings and disagreements. So, here is what I am going to do for you. I want you to take that $50,000 reward and give it to my friend. You know. CityNation-Advertising, FREE Trained Sales Teams for your business

"That man who is considered as part of our Family. And because you are being so generous, I am going to have my friend mover to New Jersey so we can be closer together. And I am sure that my friend will keep this problem of yours a secret for the rest of his life. And, I mean a very long live. So, what do you say. We don’t want to start any shootings now, do we?"

"Yes sir - I mean No Sir" replied the drug dealer. Your friend Ralph will get the $50,00 tomorrow, first thing.”

“That's very nice of you. So, the next day after, I’ll have Ralph move back to New Jersey and be with our Family.”

CityNation workers and Ralph kept in touch with each other. Ralph is doing very well for himself. He tells us that he is selling a lot more of our Advertising & Marketing Campaign Packages. In fact, he says that he just walks into some of the stores and they seem to already know him.

Amazing, they all say about the same thing, “We have been waiting for you. We want to sign up the CityNation Advertising & Marketing Campaign. And, please tell your boss in New Jersey that we signed up with you today.”

Ralph still wonders what they are talking about. “I don’t have a boss in New Jersey.”

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