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One-Year Advertising & Marketing Program
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(And, they could even get this FREE)

You visit local businesses in your area.

Your Job

You work for and are paid by CityNation Business Marketing Systems. And, you are assigned to the Local Business that you are applying to. They are your boss.

You work from home or office, your own desired days and hours, as an independent contractor.

You explain how their business can get FREE Sales Teams that will grow their business.


You pass out Flyers and Coupons and offer FREE Adverting to the local businesses in your area.

And, you explain the Flyers, Coupons, and advertising.


You also explain, how they can get FREE ON-CALL  Un-limited Consulting Service.

Plus, how they can also become a CityNation Local Dealer, which will enable them to get the entire Marketing Program, FREE.


For the FREE full-page Advertising for their business, you help them sign up and get started.

And, for the CityNation Advertising & Marketing Program, you help them sign up and get started.


Your Compensation

You are paid straight commission.

Standard commission – $500 upon each sale you obtain for the CityNation Marketing Program.

Residual Income – $5,000 to $10,000 per new account, incrementally paid during the year



You must be over 18 years old and have some experience in sales or marketing.

Friendly, honesty, dependable, and neat appearance are required. And, you will need to learn the products that you are promoting.


How it works

This is an easy, friendly, professional job. And, is not the traditional selling job.

This is all about soft-selling, where you merely introduce and explain the products.

And, you help them sign up and get started.

You re-visit the businesses monthly, to talk about new products or services – and again talk about the main products.


Your goal is to - create an atmosphere where the prospects will like you and to also like the products.

That is what will produce the sales.

Nevertheless, you always have to, “Ask them to Signup.”


What you promote

Most Small Retail Business in America are struggling to survive.

You are offering the only affordable solution that will directly save these Small Retail Businesses from "barely making it,"  and you will be offering a system that will start growing their business.

And, you will be offering the lowest price (and even, everything FREE) of the best Advertising and Marketing Program ever created for Small Retail Businesses.


For example,

1) Other companies would charge over $3,000 per month for the Advertising, Marketing, and on-call Business Consulting,

2) And charge over $14,000 per month for the 2 FREE Sales Representatives,

3) Whereby, CityNation charges only $24 or $48 per week.


And, you are offering a Super Bargain they will never find elsewhere.

Plus, no other company has ever offered our Super-Size “Package” of Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions.

What you are offering will save their business – and even Grow their business.


And if they decide to sell their, they could charge Double the previous price.

But, most important, almost every Small Retail Business can afford the $24/week.

Which will start growing their business.


How to Join

Just Click on the Red Button below and enter your contact information - and upload your Resume.

A Representative will contact you.

Plus, you can also phone the Business.

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