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Start using your Social Media skills and you can earn $100,000 to over $200,000 per year at home.

You receive Training and exceptional ongoing Support Services.

We need Independent Social Media Recruiter Managers and local Marketing Representatives in every area.

These are permanent part-time or full-time positions, Work-Your-Own-Hours at home or office. There is no cost to you.

CityNation-Advertising provides advertising, social media services, and consulting to local businesses of every kind.
You recruit Social Media Recruiter Managers and Marketing Representatives from anywhere in the USA.

And, you supervise and motivate the Members in your Marketing Team.


What's This All About

Join CityNation-Advertising as an Independent Social Media Marketing Team Manager.
Work at home or office.
Work any hours and days you want.
    Use your computer and work days, evenings, weekends, any time.
    You can keep your Day Job and build a Nation-Wide Marketing Team.

You Are Helping Americans get a Better Job, and a Better Life
    Over 2 Million Older Workers are still looking for a good Job.
    Over 22 Million College Graduates are still trapped in low paying jobs.
    Over 34 Million other Americans are stuck in low pay jobs.
    This is their chance to climb out. And, you can help them.
    We have jobs for beginners and for professionals.

What you do as a Social Media Marketing Team Manager
    We help you build a large National Marketing Team.
    You recruit Marketing Reps and Marketing Team Managers for your National Marketing Team.
    You use your social media skills to recruit, using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, and others.
    You Supervise and Motivate the Members of your Marketing Team.

Who Pays Your Marketing Team Members
    CityNation pays the Members in your Marketing Team.
    You do not pay them.
    And, we want you to build a National Marketing Team as large as you want.

You Receive Income from 2 sources:
   Sales of Advertising by the Team Members that you Recruited.
our Revenue Sharing Program.
   Just 10 Active Marketing Reps on your Marketing Team can earn you over $50,000/year.

The Secret to Your Success
1) Build a large National Marketing Team.
2) Provide good supervision and motivation to your Team Members.


When you join, here is what you do:

● Complete the Initial Training.

● Prepare and publish your Profile in one of our online publications

● You recruit, supervise, and motivate your Marketing Team Members.

● You can also become a Local Marketing Rep and visit local businesses and market our Advertising and your Social Media Services.

● You continually interact with CityNation-Advertising.

● And of course, you work your own desired hours and days.

● You will always be a part of CityNation-Advertising, for as long as you want.

Your Future
    These are permanent professional positions that pays well and can last you a lifetime.
    You can be both a Social Media Marketing Team Manager and a Local Marketing Representative.
    You can market your own Social Media Services to the local businesses.
    You can grow your income to meet almost any of your own goals.
    With a large National Marketing Team, you could semi-retire and still receive a high income.
    And, you could move to another city or state - and still receive that high income.

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