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Marketing Systems


“Total Marketing System”
For Your Small Business

(Just like those Big Corporations use)


17 Point
“Total Marketing System”
For Your Small Business

12 Months
Complete Marketing System



Now is the best time to own a Small Business.           
Yes, these are difficult times.

But, no longer for you - as a Small Business.   


We all need help. And some more than others.

As of late, the Small Businesses in America are having a tuff time. And, they really need our help.

That’s why CityNation developed this new kind of Marketing System.

Which provides a huge helping hand, specifically for the Small Retail Businesses.

The Bundle of Marketing Programs that are listed below was specifically designed for Small Retail Businesses, often called Mom and Pop Businesses.

Nevertheless, these Marketing Programs can be expanded to fulfill the needs of larger Small Businesses. Plus, additional kinds of Marketing Programs can be included. In such case, this would become a Special Marketing System with a special price. So, please ask for a quote.

Become our Local Dealer, at no cost to you
and we will furnish you this

Premium One-Year
“Total Marketing System”
Advertising, Marketing, and Promotional System

And you will be able to all of this FREE

This CityNation Marketing System provides a Bundle of
Marketing Methods that is just like what the Big Corporations are using.

These Big Corporations pay over $70,000 per year for the same
kind of Bundle that CityNation will provide for you, and listed below.

Compared to what those Big Corporations pay,
you will be getting
better than a
95% discount

 CityNation BUZZ Marketing Systems

17 Point
Premium One-Year
Advertising, Marketing, and Promotional System
“Total Marketing System”


You can get all of this
entirely FREE

(Ask our Representative for details)

1. Sales Representative. Your Sales Representative reaches out and promotes your business throughout your entire Local Marketing Area and your Regional Area.

2. Promotional Website. You get customized Premium full-page Advertisements, Published for 12 Months. Includes promoting your Advertisements, your products and services, your Coupons, your Contests, and your entire Business.

3. We integrate specialized Marketing Tools to your Promotional Website.

4. One of the best marketing tools is Coupons.
Coupons attract new customers and keep existing customers.


5. Another best marketing tool is Contests.
We recommend the Best Photo Content.
You can publish the Photos, hang them on the wall, and our Sales Rep can show them wherever your Sales Rep goes.

6. Raffle. 
Your Sales Rep promotes a raffle of a FREE Premium Advertisement available to the local business in your area. The Raffle will be held at your business.

7. Press Release 
about the Raffle and other events by your business.

8. Articles 
about your business are published at various times.

9. Full-Page Advertisement #1
Customized Premium full-page Advertisements. Published for 12 months and includes plenty of Text, a customer provided Video. and many pictures. Plus, Articles, Press Releases, and FREE Advertising for customers

10. Full-Page Advertisement #2. 
Customized Premium full-page Advertisements. Published for 12 months and includes plenty of Text, a customer provided Video. and many pictures. Plus Articles, Press Releases, and FREE Advertising for customers

11. Premium SEO. 
Search Engine Optimization. The heart and sole of the Search Magic.

12. On-Call Professional

Business Consultant Service. This is great to help you develop new marketing methods.

13. Super-Day
"Promotional Advertising Give-Away”

Your Sales Representative Provides FREE Full-Page Online Advertising to Local and Regional Businesses when they purchase any item from your business.

14. Integrated Marketing System. 
Provides a Great Marketing Campaign with all of them promoting the same thing


15. If you sell your business, it will be worth many Thousands of Dollars More Money.
Because your business will have a working Marketing System that brings you new customers and grows your business.

16. Your Business Marketing Plan. 
Periodically you meet with the CityNation Business Consultant to evaluate your Marketing and develop new methods.

17. Special Sharing Program
We call this program: “We help each other grow.”
CityNation pays you back your monthly subscription fee
when you recruit a Sales Rep for this Marketing Program.

This results in you obtaining everything Entirely FREE.

We talk about this when our Representative describes all of the benefits that you will receive.

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