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“Total Marketing System”
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Grow Your Business

FREE Sales Representative
Promotes your business and Sells your Products all over your area

12 Months
Total Advertising & Marketing System
Renews annually


Total Advertising and Marketing System starts at only $25 a week.

Become our Dealer and we pay you.

Now you can get this CityNation Total Advertising and Marketing System, which includes $80,000 worth of advertising, marketing, and promotional services, starting at only $25 a week.

This is a new revolutionary Total Marketing System, specifically designed to grow any small business.

You can become our local Dealer and pay as low as $25 per week and receive $80,000 worth of advertising, marketing, and promotional service for your business.

This CityNation Total Marketing System is designed to keep growing any small business for as long as you want.

CityNation sets you up with this CityNation Total Marketing System and keeps helping you grow your business for the entire year, which you can renew automatically.

And, you can get a FREE Trial Today.

You will be amazed at all the things that you will get, which will start growing your business.

Instantly, your business will become worth thousands and thousands of dollars more money.

And, if you are not growing fast enough, CityNation will give you another FREE Sales Representative that will promote your business and sell your products, all over your Region.

This is the Real Deal. If you want to grow your business, this is a "Must Have" Total Marketing System for your business.

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CityNation Total Marketing System


Become our Local Dealer, at no cost to you.
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Option B, Premium Version One-Year
“CityNation Total Marketing System”
"15 Day FREE Trial Period" and other Special Features

There has never been a Marketing System like this for Small Businesses.

Grow Your Business

FREE Sales Representative
Promotes your business and Sells your Products all over your area

18 Point
Premium One-Year
Advertising, Marketing, and Promotional System
“Total Marketing System”

1. Sales Representative. Your FREE Sales Representative will reach out and promote your business throughout both your entire Local Marketing Area and your Regional Marketing Area.
That's right. You do not pay the Sales Representative. CityNation pays.

2. Promotional Website. You get customized Premium full-page Advertisements, Published for 12 Months. This promotes your products and services, your Coupons, your Contests, and your entire Business.

3. 15 Days FREE Trial Period. You start preparing all the Advertisements for your business and get-ready all the other Features. You can cancel the Marketing Program any time during this period.

4. One of the best marketing tools to use are Coupons.
Coupons attract new customers and keep existing customers.


5. Another best marketing tool is Contests.
We recommend the Selfie Photo Contents.
You can publish the Photos, hang them on your wall, and our Sales Rep can use them to promote your business.

6. Raffles. 
Your Sales Rep will promote your raffles for the FREE Premium Advertisements that the local businesses in your area can win. The Raffles will be held at your business.

7. Press Release 
will be published to promote your Raffle, Coupons, Contests, and other events by you.

8. Articles 
about your business will be published at various times.

9. Full-Page Advertisement #1
This is a Customized Premium full-page Advertisement. Published for 12 months and includes plenty of Text, customer provided Video. and many pictures.

10. Full-Page Advertisement #2 
This is a Customized Premium full-page Advertisement. Published for 12 months and includes plenty of Text, a customer provided Video. and many pictures. Plus Articles, Press Releases, and FREE Advertising for customers will be published.

11. Premium SEO. 
Search Engine Optimization. The heart and sole of the Search Magic is provided.

12. On-Call Professional Marketing Research.

This is great to help you develop new marketing methods.

13. Super-Day
"Promotional Advertising Give-Away”

Periodically, your Sales Representative offers FREE Full-Page Online Advertising to Local and Regional Businesses, when they purchase any item from your business.

14. Integrated Marketing System. 
Provides a Great Marketing Campaign with all marketing elements promoting your business at the same time.


15. If you sell your business, it will be worth many Thousands of Dollars More Money.
Because your business will have a working Marketing System that brings you new customers and grows your business, which can be extended to the new buyer.

16. Your Business Marketing and Action Plan. 
This will be prepared by a small Team from your business and CityNation during you 15 Day FREE Trial. And be used during the entire 12-months Marketing Program.

17. Unlimited revisions for 30 days.
You can revise your Advertisements and publications during the 30 days after they are published, FREE.


18. Exceptional Customer Service.
CityNation provides the Tools and guiding instructions for you to be a top leader of Customer Service. Studies show that businesses with top leading Customer Service retain their customers and grow their business 5 times greater than the average business.

This is the Real Deal

will be helping you all the way

This is your best chance to grow your business
  for only $25 per week 

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1) 15-Day FREE Trial. You can cancel any time during this period.

2) You can become our local Dealer, at no cost to you.
CityNation will pay you Royalty Income that could reduce your Subscription from $260 per month,
down to an average of about only $25 per week.

3) We will give you a Bonus of 3-Extra Months of this Total Marketing System.

4) If your business is growing slower than planned, CityNation will provide a Second FREE Sales Representative to boost the promotion of your business and products

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